February 15, 2024

2024 WFG Annual General Meeting Notice

January 23, 2024

Dave Barber Memorial Fund – Permanent Endowment Fund Established at The Winnipeg Foundation

January 13, 2024

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Jaimz Asmundson: A Funeral Service Announcement

January 3, 2024

In Loving Memory of Jaimz Asmundson

January 2, 2024

WFG office and rentals closed until Monday, January 8th. Dave Barber Cinematheque closed until Tuesday, January 9th.

December 1, 2023

Holiday Sales! (on now until December 31!)

Ohhhh-ho-ho! Well look what we got here? Have we got some great deals for youse! Great for gifts or just for yourself! Happy Holidays, capeesh?

November 4, 2023

Activated Memory: Short Films by Sabrina Ratté

October 20, 2023

Gimme 10 in 30! Doc Challenge 2023

June 25, 2023

Suzuki Seijun Retrospective Tour (August 4-6)

June 1, 2023

Everything’s On Sale! (Now Until June 30th, 2023!)