avant seriana

By Samy Benammar

19:10 | January 2024 | Colour | Super 8mm

Experimental, Documentary

Mom, you brought me back to our homeland. All I know about these harsh landscapes I learned from books written by the hand that burned these mountains. I try to undo the colonial myths engraved into my memory, but the hills escape my gaze. Do you think I, too, have become the white djinn spoken of by the legends surrounding our martyrs?



Daughters of Blodeuwedd

By Misha Horacek

12:20 | January 2024 | Colour | HD

Experimental, Narrative/Fiction, Dance

Two otherworldly figures—sisters, daughters, lovers—commune with woods set deep within the grey cliffs of Wales, where the myth of Blodeuwedd pulses.

They move fleetingly through the body of trees; branches snapping under their bare feet like bones, as they wind a long red umbilical cord, whispering incantations in the language of the woods.

Pre-empting the violent felling due to take place, they spill milk from their mouths and lay foraged fruit and wildflowers into the open wound of a fallen pine.  An owl watches from afar.



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