Hello Anson

By Yvonne Sung

14:47 | June 2023 | Colour


Hello Anson is a short documentary about Anson Ng, a Canadian landscape painter that documents Ontario’s nature and iconic Chinese landscapes. “My paintings highlight landscapes as living, timeless entities by portraying the value in its impermanence.” Anson paints the corners, foods and restaurants of Chinatown that many Asian-Canadians can easily spot and share an instant connection and familiarity with.

To many Asian Canadians, seeing and sensing familiar places in an artist’s work is like going to their favourite local restaurant, ordering a bowl of wonton soup or pho. It’s comforting and warm. Connecting Asian Canadians through the familiarity of shared memories, food, and culture is what Anson does so well and is much needed, especially in an uncertain time where anti-Asian hate has been on the rise in North America.


By Jennifer Still, Christine Fellows, and Chantel Mierau

14:16 | May 2023 | Colour

Experimental, Poetry

Three artists work in stride to translate, in sound and motion, the heart of a poem. They collaborate with life’s unexpecteds—snapped clotheslines, drained swimming pools, terminal diagnoses—and learn what falls away is not necessarily gone.


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