The WFG Board hears the expression of concern from the film community around recent changes. We asked to be held accountable by the community, and the feedback is indicative of this. We continue to listen to all concerns.

We as a Board committed to transparency in our 2021 collective statement (read at the bottom of this page). We cannot divulge specific information around personnel matters within the WFG, including on recent staffing changes. However, in line with our commitment, we are offering transparency about the processes we have undertaken that have informed our actions. In line with all the commitments made public in our statement, the Winnipeg Film Group Board of Directors has participated in a qualitative year-long undertaking of consultation, evaluation, and listening.

This included and is not limited to the following steps:

  • Obtained guidance and consultation where appropriate from legal counsel, mediation specialists and human resources consultants;
  • Ensured Board members received professional training for non-profit board of directorship positions, and were informed on the organization’s governing ethical principles and bylaws, as well as its legal obligations as they apply to the WFG generally, its staff, and the Board;
  • Sought and reviewed concerns brought forward from WFG stakeholders, including staff and community members, as well as analyzed existing institutional data available to the Board; and

Ultimately, following the Board’s extensive consultation and prudent review, it was determined that several organizational changes were needed for the organizational health of the WFG moving forward and to best serve the community and WFG members. These decisions have been made with the protection, risk management, fiscal well-being, efficacy, function, direction, and longevity of the WFG as the utmost priority.

In all sincerity,

The Winnipeg Film Group Board of Directors