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“I prefer to walk, run or bus it through the city as much as possible. Aside from the personal health benefits, it also opens up the city experience to one that is more community-focused in contrast to the rather isolating experience of traveling in a car. For this reason, while I don’t ride a bicycle, the Swedish documentary Bikes vs Cars (Nov 20–29) immediately stood out for me. The topic of what a city’s circulation priority should be is definitely a fascinating subject worthy of cinematic attention and discussion. One of the greatest strengths of cinema as an art is its power to bring far away worlds and experiences right to us, to promote greater understanding. The special program Cultural Encounters with Iran (Dec 5) promises to provide a unique experience focused on the work NY-based Iranian filmmaker Hamid Rahmanian and his collaborator Melissa Hibbard.”
— Cecilia Araneda, Executive Director

“As an electronic musician, I spend a lot of my spare time noodling around with synthesizers so I’m quite excited to see Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey (Nov 28 & 29). I love the sound of the theremin but this machine, much like its sound, seems like it comes from another planet! It will be illuminating to see this film and learn more about its inventor and his bizarre life. Also, if you haven’t come by yet—upstairs on the 3rd floor in our Black Lodge studio we have been running a new event every first Friday of the month called Secret Cinema (Nov 6 & Dec 4). We’ve invited a stellar line-up of filmmakers, film critics and scholars to guest curate a (secret) package of classic 16mm films from our own vault. It’s a fun, informal atmosphere to hang out and discuss film with fellow cinephiles—please join us!”
— Jaimz Asmundson, Cinematheque Programming Director

“I was terrified of learning to drive and didn’t take lessons until my late 20’s. On my first day on the road (Joe’s Driving School) it was snowing and slippery. I was coming off the Disraeli Bridge when a car came out of nowhere. I jammed on my breaks and slid into the side of a parked car. Down at Autopac the agent glared at me and muttered “I have driven across that bridge and have NEVER had an accident!” You weren’t LEARNING TO DRIVE, I muttered back. My pick in the new program, Learning to Drive, is a touching and very funny story about a woman who, like me, was hesitant to learn but forced herself to overcome her fears. Al Purdy Was Here is a fantastic portrait packed with great stories of Canadian writing legend, poet Al Purdy, a contemporary of writers such as Leonard Cohen and Margaret Atwood. I saw it at the Toronto Film Festival where it went over like gangbusters with audiences. We are among the first theaters in Canada to screen the film outside of film festivals.”
— Dave Barber, Cinematheque Programming Coordinator

“Joan of Arc! The Reflektor Tapes is coming! (Nov 1–7) I love that album and can’t wait to see the making of it! I am still kicking myself for not going to see them so I’ll pretend that I was there while watching the concert footage. In keeping with those lovin’ good vibrations, I am also very excited to see Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey. After creating the electronic synthesizer instrument, Leon Theremin is kidnapped to work on inventions and surveillance technology. During his absence, the theremin becomes a popular instrument in film scores and with the Beach Boys. Cultural Encounters with Iran will be an interesting event to attend. Shahrbanoo will give us a look into a friendship that transcends stereotypes in spite of vast cultural differences. It will also be interesting to see what Shahrbanoo has to say about a woman’s place in society. The filmmaker will be in house! Lastly, don’t forget about our holiday sale. Passes and merch, cheap like borscht.”
— Kristy Muckosky, Cinematheque Operations Manager

“It’s hard not to be biased with my picks this month, as I am a huge Arcade Fire fan. Kahlil Joseph goes beyond capturing the bands passionate on stage presence in The Reflektor Tapes and documents Arcade Fire’s artistic process in the recording studio. This film is sure to be entertaining while highlighting one of Canada’s most popular bands. Another obvious pick is Fredrik Gertten’s film Bikes vs Cars as I use my bike as my sole mode of transportation. While our mode of transportation may seem like a practical decision, Gertten reveals in his polarizing documentary that these everyday choices go far beyond quantity of wheels.”
— Heidi Phillips, Cinematheque Head Projectionist

“When Alex Gibney’s film Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief played in August at Cinematheque, it was a smash hit. We will be screening his other film from this year Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine (Nov 12–19). Unlike the other documentaries, this one looks past the image of Steve that we are so used to receiving and reveals a darker, more manipulative side of the man so highly praised as a genius and innovator.”
— Eric Peterson, Cinematheque Box Office