There’s a new program of free films available on VUCAVU, the bilingual online video streaming and research platform that was developed and is managed
by the Canadian Coalition of Independent Media Art Distributors (CCIMAD/CCDIAM).

The most recent program, IMAGES-IN-NATION: The True North, will run from April 12 to May 12. The films were selected by Patrice James, Executive Director of IFCO, the Independent Filmmakers’ Co-operative of Ottawa.

Two films from the WFG catalogue have been selected by Patrice: Legend of the Storm, a short film by Roxann Whitebean about the 1990 Oka Crisis, and Pelmeny, a short documentary by Walter Dyck and Ramtin Teymouri.

The full line-up includes:

• Whitewash / Nadine Valcin CFMDC / 2016
• Legend of the Storm / Roxann Whitebean / WFG / 2015
• Traces Of Absence / Tamara Vukov / GIV / 1999
• Little Portugal / Pedro Ferreira / VIDEO OUT / 2014
• Taxi for Two / Dan Popa / F3M / 2012
• Manila Road / Fernando Dalayoan / VIDEO POOL / 2012
• Pelmeny / Walter Dyck / WFG / 2014

Find out more here:

To learn more about the films from the WFG collection, please email distribution@winnipegfilmgroup.com or call 204-925-FILM x 103 or 105.