“In Winnipeg, an independent film and video scene that is populated by a diverse group of dynamic, adventurous women, is trying to tell women’s stories while adding female representation in filmmaking.”

A feature article, written by Jen Zoratti and published in the Winnipeg Free Press on January 29, 2016, focuses on the dozens of women working in independent film and video here in Winnipeg.

The article features interviews with artists associated with the Winnipeg Film Group and Video Pool Media Arts Centre: Shereen Jerrett, Sonya Ballantyne, Nilufer and Saira Rahman, Freya Olafson and Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan.

It also specifically mentions the work of our Distribution Director Monica Lowe:

“These women do not always get the recognition, the accolades and the funding. But they have two tireless champions in Jennifer Smith, who leads the distribution department at Video Pool Media Arts Centre, and Monica Lowe, who heads the distribution department at Winnipeg Film Group.”

The photo shoot took place on January 26 on the rooftop of Artspace, arguably the centre of the independent media arts scene in Winnipeg as it houses both the Winnipeg Film Group and Video Pool.

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[Featured photo by Ruth Bonneville / Winnipeg Free Press]