VUCAVU is very pleased to share our next #EyesonVU FREE film selection on the theme “A Sense of Belonging”. This program was created by artist and filmmaker Caroline Monnet and features an interview with Stefan St-Laurent, Gallery Director of Axenéo Sept. It will be available to view on VUCAVU until April 29. 

Cecilia Araneda’s Presque Vu from the WFG Distribution catalogue is included in Caroline’s program, alongside films by Alexandre Larose, Eva Kolcze, Theo Pelmus, Kristin Snowbird, André Turpin, Ian Lagarde, Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, and Jacquelyn Hébert.



To learn more about the films from the WFG collection, please email distribution@winnipegfilmgroup.com or call 204-925-FILM x 103 or 105.