After being cooped up inside all winter, it’s time to head out to the movies and bring your kids to our award winning, free film series every Sunday afternoon in January and February.
CABIN FEVER continues again with prizes, popcorn and free films for kids of all ages.

The Winnipeg Film Group acknowledges the generous support of the Assiniboine Credit Union for our Cabin Fever: Free Films for Kids series.

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Sunday, Jan. 11 • 2:00 PM
Dir. Suzanne Chisholm & Michael Parfit | Canada | 2007 | 92 min. | DocumentaryThis is a remarkable true story of a baby killer whale named Orca who wandered into Nootka Sound, on the west coast of Vancouver Island and befriended everyone from fisherman to passers by.“This documentary is one for the whole family.” (The Province)
melody Sunday, Jan. 18 • 2:00 PM
Dir. Wariss Hussein | UK | 1971 | 103 min. | Drama“Mark Lester stars as Daniel Latimer, a lonely British Schoolboy who finally finds a friend when the school jokester Ornshaw takes a liking to him. Things begin to look up as Danny starts to fit it. However, not long after he also meets Melody Parker in his music class and immediately senses a connection to her….A wonderful moving film for all ages.” Film Threat
monkeybusiness Sunday, Jan. 25 • 2:00 PM
Dir. Norman Z. Macleod | USA | 1931 | 77 min.| Comedy – The Marx Brothers, Thelma ToddGroucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo spend four days living inside 4 barrels as they stow away on an ocean liner headed to America. They are hired by a gangster boss as his bodyguards. “The brothers offer lunacy, anarchy, and unbound nonsense.” (E. Levy)
kidbrother Sunday, Feb. 1 • 2:00 PM
Dir. Claude Gagnon | Canada | 1988 | 95 min.
An inspiring story of a bright, outgoing 13 year old handicapped boy named Kenny who is deeply loved by his family. When his sister runs away during the filming of a documentary about how his family has coped with his handicap, he embarks on a solo journey to Philadelphia to find her.
jb Sunday, Feb. 8 • 2:00 PM
Dir. Wolfgang Reitherman | USA | 1967 | 78 min.| Animation
“The Jungle Book is a testament to Walt Disney’s unique talent for combining flawless animation, great comedy and catchy songs. The final film that Disney supervised and produced before he died, The Jungle Book, based on the series of stories by Rudyard Kipling was released post-humously to critical and public acclaim. The film tells the story of a young boy (Mowgli), raised in the jungle by wolves, and his unwillingness to return to human civilisation.” (Neil Dawson)* Following the screening of Jungle Book, there will be a free claymation workshop courtesy of Freeze Frame Media Arts Centre for Young People!
bugsy copy Sunday, Feb. 15 • 2:00 PM
Dir. Alan Parker | UK | 1976 | 93 min – starring Jody Foster, Scott Baio
Director Alan Parker had the ingenious idea of creating a gangster film played entirely by kids. Instead of firing bullets their guns fire ice cream!* Following the screening of Bugsy Malone, there will be a free claymation workshop courtesy of Freeze Frame Media Arts Centre for Young People!
babe Sunday, Feb. 22 • 2:00 PM
Dir. Chris Noonan | UK | 1995 | 91 mins. | Animal Comedy
“Babe” is the all-time great talking-pig movie, a lovely, intelligent gem of entertainment that is also rib-tickling funny. A novelty comedy that transcends its own nutty devices, “Babe” is about a pig who not only talks but thinks he is a sheep dog. Features talking barnyard animals and a lovable farm couple, the Hoggetts, played by American James Cromwell and Australian comic actress Magda Szubanski, whose plump, snub-nosed look carries a certain Miss Piggy charm.” (San Francisco Chronicle)
benji Sunday, March 1 • 2:00 PM
Dir. Joe Camp | USA | 85 min.“What begins as a pleasure trip for Benji and his adopted human family soon turns into a tale of mystery, suspense, and international intrigue in this 1977 sequel to Joe Camp’s hit movie, Benji. Without subtitles to decipher the mostly Greek dialogue, kids and grown-ups alike view the action from the limited perspective of this sweet and talented mutt.” Liane Thomas“Only a heart of steel can resist this pooch.” (Variety)