Congratulations and many thanks to Juan Carrasco who received the inaugural Winnipeg Film Group Outstanding Volunteer Award. This award is worth $500 towards the rental of WFG equipment, facilities, workshops, or memberships.

If you have attended any special event at the Winnipeg Film Group or Cinematheque over the past two years, chances are, you’ve met the gentle giant Juan Carrasco. Juan has been a member of our organization since 2008 and has chosen to dedicate himself to the betterment of the independent film community through donation of his time and energy to the WFG. It is with great pleasure that we are able to thank Juan for his outstanding contributions to the WFG, he is a marvelous example of the spirit of the independent film scene.


Juan Carrasco is an independent filmmaker who was born in Chile. He made his first contact with the film world in his early twenties helping out a guerilla filmmaker as a production assistant. Now he is fullfilling his longtime dream to make his own films. After graduating in computer multimedia applications, and taking workshops at the WFG, he is now finishing his first three short films – all written, directed and produced by himself. Juan sees film as an art form and considers himself a film artist who loves simplicity. He also dedicates his time to volunteering at the WFG and helping on the sets of other independent filmmakers.