Patrick Lowe’s film about artist Andrew Milne will screen and Andrew’s travelling Museum of New Ideas will be featured at Winnipeg’s West End Library on August 18.

Watch the fascinating 30 minute documentary, “Andrew Milne Dreams of Machines”, and explore the Museum of New Ideas – a classically-styled delivery van with contemporary art installations and a traveling museum of artifacts.

The event is FREE and open to all!

999 Sargent Avenue
Thursday, August 18 – Free
Museum of New Ideas & Meet-the-Artist: 4:00-8:00 pm
Film screening: 6:30-7:00 pm

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Andrew Milne Dreams of Machines explores the philosophy of an artist pushing the boundaries of mechanical art. We see how his creations function and how ordinary people react and interact with them. Ultimately, these inventions contrast the digital technology of the 21st century in a most fantastic way…

Patrick Lowe is a Winnipeg animator, writer, director and editor, whose past films include Going Ape (1985), Gerald the Genie (1997), and A Bit Transcendental (2000). His first documentary The Wonderful Worlds of Nak, made in 2013 was about visual artist Robert Pasternak. His most recent documentary, Andrew Milne Dreams of Machines (2015) features visual artist and designer Andrew Milne.