We are thrilled to welcome Milos Mitrovic to our team in the Production Centre as the new interim Program Coordinator. Milos graduated from the Filmmaking Program at the University of Winnipeg and has been a filmmaking teaching assistant for the past 6 years.

Last year, Milos began working at the Cinematheque as the Technical Liaison and for the past several years he has taught multiple filmmaking workshops in the Production Centre at the Winnipeg Film Group (WFG). Additionally, In 2017, Milos became the lead mentor for ACI’s Group Youth Filmmaking Mentorship Program, a decade long partnership between the WFG and ACI.

Milos has also worked on numerous films over the past 6 years, including under the WFG banner. As a director, his films have been honoured with official selections at Fantastic Fest (Texas), WNDX (Winnipeg), VIFF (Vancouver) and TIFF (Toronto).

The Program Coordinator is responsible for developing, promoting and administering the Winnipeg Film Group’s production training and film appreciation programs; helping to ensure they are responsive to the needs of the local artistic filmmaking community and fostering the equality of opportunity.

Contact Milos at milos@winnipegfilmgroup.com (204) 925-3456 ext 111 to submit requests, feedback and questions about workshops and programming.

Milos’ regular office hours will be Monday – Friday, 9am – 2pm. His office is in Room 304 on the third floor of Artspace.