Celebrated internationally, the Winnipeg Film Group produces some of Canada’s most original cinema. This year the Winnipeg Film Group celebrates its 40th anniversary. To commemorate this, Solomon Nagler was commissioned [by the International Festival Signes du Nuit] to assemble an anthology of work produced over four decades. Transgressive, abstract and surreal, these artists explore the manic energy and melancholic reflections from a frozen city that dreams a remarkable cinema.”

The International Festival Signes du Nuit is “an international festival of audiovisual and cinematographic creation and documentary art featuring experimental and short films.” This year the 13th annual festival runs November 26 – December 6, 2015.

After hearing about the two 40th anniversary film programs Solomon Nagler curated for the 2015 Festival du nouveau cinéma Signes du Nuit asked Sol to curate a special  program of films made by WFG members, and to include one of his own.

The Winnipeg Film Group 40th Anniversary Screening will screen on Friday, November 27, 2015 at 5 pm at the Maisons des Étudiants Canadiens, Cité Universitaire de Paris.


Music by Greg Hanec ( 5:00 ) 1983
Okeedoke by Leon Johnson ( 3:00 ) 1973
38 Jansky Units by Jon Krocker ( 3:00 ) 1982
Rapture by Gordon Wilding ( 12:00 ) 1997
Hospital Fragment by Guy Maddin ( 4:00 ) 1999
Isolating Landscapes by Heidi Phillips ( 5:00 ) 2007
Time Away by Carole O’Brien ( 7:00 ) 2007
What Comes Between by Cecilia Araneda ( 5:30 ) 2009
The Yodeling Farmer by Mike Maryniuk, John Scoles ( 6:10 ) 2011
gains + losses by Leslie Supnet ( 3:25 ) 2011
5¢ a Copy by Ed Ackerman, Gregory Zbitnew ( 5:00 ) 1980
KNOUT by Deco Dawson ( 10:00 ) 1999
Tudor Village: a one shot deal by Rhayne Vermette ( 5:15 ) 2012
The Pieced Quilt by Scott Fitzpatrick ( 4:00 ) 2013
Sackville Music Hall by Alexandre Larose, Solomon Nagler ( 4:00 ) 2014
Mynarski: Death Plummet by Matthew Rankin ( 8:00 ) 2014

The Winnipeg Film Group is grateful to the Signes du Nuit and festival director Dieter Wieczorek for celebrating our anniversary by showcasing films created by our members. We are saddened by the recent events in Paris and wish all of our French friends well.

For more information on this screening or the films please contact:
Monica Lowe, Distribution Director
204-925-3456 x 103 | monica@winnipegfilmgroup.com