We are delighted to announce that three films from our Distribution Catalogue are screening at the 15th annual  imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival  held October 22-26 in Toronto.

Treading Water
Directed by Janelle Wookey & Jérémie Wookey
After artificial flooding destroys their communities, political gridlock and lack of public support puts the lives of 2000 First Nation men, women and children on hold, forcing them to spend three years waiting for answers in hotel rooms and inner-city housing.

Alice and Kevin
Directed by Sam Vint
Alice became one of the first outspoken First Nations people in Canada to file a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. Her fight for her son may well end up bringing proper care to disabled people on Reserves all over Canada, forever.

George Bassler’s Perpetual Motion Machine
By Berny Hi
Following his family’s untimely demise, prairie homesteader George Bassler bizarrely spends 1945 crafting a Perpetual Motion machine uncannily echoing similarly named inventor Johann Bessler’s 1712 invention, the Perpetuum Mobile. Based on actual events, this film explores obsession with employing mechanical devices to trick time and make everything last forever.

Additionally, WFG member Caroline Monnet has also curated a selection of works by francophone Indigenous media artists in Canada.

Finally The Winnipeg Film Group will host a party on Thursday, October 23 to jointly celebrate our 40th anniversary and imagineNATIVE’s 15th anniversary and to launch a catalogue featuring the Aboriginal films and filmmakers in our collection. Happy anniversary imagineNATIVE!

For more info please contact Monica Lowe:
204-925-3456 ext 103 / monica@winnipegfilmgroup.com