We are pleased to announce the hiring of Ben Williams as Production Centre Director, to commence his duties on April 2, 2014.

Ben graduated with a BA (Magna Cum Laude) in Advertising Graphics from Central State University in Ohio. A national Alpha Kappa Mu honors scholar, his focus was graphic design with an emphasis on computer graphics. Ben is additionally the graduate of the Digital Filmmaking course at the New York Film Academy in Manhattan.

An expert in digital media, Ben has been directing, shooting video, and editing with Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects for over a decade, and has more recently started editing with Premiere. He is additionally proficient in Adobe CS6 and is a capable coder.

Since 1999, Ben has worked as an impassioned technology professional on a diverse range of multimedia projects, and has consistently been an early participant of beta testing for gadgets, software and social media environments. Ben can be counted among the first generation of pioneering independent digital media producers to emerge in the grass roots social media community.

More recently, he has been working on projects based in Winnipeg, including supporting video editing and photography for Rebecca Belmore’s “The Blanket.”

As Production Centre Director, Ben will serve as the artistic, development and operational leader of the Winnipeg Film Group’s production centre. This wing of our organization serves as a resource centre for Manitoba filmmakers working in all media and forms, providing access to affordable training, mentorship, production funding, experimental opportunities, and production and post production equipment, facilities and services.