Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art has curated a film screening series as part of “A Place Between: A ’60s Scoop Art Project,” the first and largest group exhibition that focuses on the ’60s Scoop in Canada as well as current issues of Indigenous children being forcibly removed from their homes.

The first film screening will take place on April 22 at Circle of Life Thunderbird House from 2 – 6pm. This program includes work by Zachery Longboy, Carol Greyeyes and Tasha Hubbard, whose film, Hard to Place, is distributed by the Winnipeg Film Group.

The second event will be April 24 at WFG Cinematheque from 7-9pm with works by Curtis Kaltenbaugh and Jackie Traverse. Jackie’s short animated documentary, Two Scoops, is also part of the WFG Distribution catalogue.

The final evening of films will be April 25 at Cinematheque from 7-9pm with films by Alanis Obamsowin and Lost Heritage Productions Inc.

In conjunction with the film screenings, Urban Shaman is calling for participants for a community quilt project to commemorate the adoptees of the ’60s Scoop. More information about this project and the ’60s Scoop can be found here.

To learn more about the films in the WFG collection, please email distribution@winnipegfilmgroup.com or call 204-925-FILM x 103 or 105.