Join us on Friday, November 17th at the Black Lodge for an evening screening of Indigenous Short Films. The event runs from 7-9pm and is free to all.


Pulled from the Winnipeg Film Group’s archival collection by Denesuline/Nehitho artist in residence, Redsun//Sahgothé — with Support from Archive/Counter-Archive.


Explore voices of resistance, truth telling and comedy from the Heart of Turtle Island, with objects of curiosity from the WFG’s archive.


Exclusive prints by Redsun//Sahgothé will be for sale.

Redsun//Sahgothé / photo courtesy of the artist


Date: Friday, November 17, 2023

Time: 7-9pm

Address: 304-100 Arthur Street (Artspace Building), Winnipeg, MB

Accessibility Information:

The main entrances of the Art Space Building at Arthur St. and King St. have automatic door push triggers. 

The West side entrance off King St. has a wheelchair lift to access the main lobby. 

There are two washrooms on the third floor that are private, locking, and non-gendered. These washrooms do not have handrails or automatic doors. 

The first floor has non-gendered, multi-stall washrooms. Washrooms on these floors have wheelchair accessible stalls with handrails, but do not have automatic doors.




a short film by Caroline Monnet
4:35 | Documentary / Experimental | Colour | 2009
Cree, French
“The re-imagination of the generational passage of traditional knowledge between a woman and her
grandmother moon.”


Flooding Hope: The Lake St. Martin First Nation Story
a short film by Myrle Ballard and Shirley Thompson
20:28 | Documentary | Colour | 2012
“This is a tale of intrigue and sabotage. How is it that Lake St. Martin First Nation was permanently displaced from their ancestral home by the Manitoba flood of 2011?”


Zwei Indianer Aus Winnipeg
a short film by Darryl Nepinak
2:40 | Narrative / Fiction / Comedy | Colour | 2008
“Two ersatz “Indian warriors” chase a beautiful Indian maiden through the streets of Winnipeg but she
loves Chief Big Bear. ”


a short film by Ervin Chartrand
6:10 | Drama / Fiction | Colour, B&W | 2005
“504938C is about rebirth. It is the story of a young man trying to come to grips with his past as he looks towards the future. The film takes place in the man’s jail cell as he prepares for his release from prison.”


a short film by Darryl Nepinak and Clint Enns
1:34 | Comedy | Colour | 2011
“Retro children’s TV takes a comical jab when one letter of the alphabet gets a new association.”


*short break*


Black Rectangle

a short film by Rhayne Vermette

1:30 | Experimental | Colour | 2013


“Time has not been kind to Kasimir Malevich’s painting, Black Square. In 1915 when the work was first displayed the surface of the square was pristine and pure; now the black paint has cracked revealing the white ground like mortar in crazy paving.”

This film documents a tedious process of dismantling and reassembling 16 mm found footage. The film collage imitates functions of a curtain, while the recorded optical track describes the film’s subsequent destruction during its first projection.


Moccasin Stories
a film by Charlene Moore
21:32 | Documentary | Colour | 2019
“A young mother looks to connect with her Aboriginal culture in order to teach her children.”


Two Scoops
a short film by Jackie Traverse
2:55 | Documentary / Animation | Colour | 2008
“Hand-drawn illustrations animate this touching personal story about the ‘Sixties Scoop’ of Aboriginal
children into the Canadian child-welfare system.”


Caribou in the Archive
a short film by Jennifer Dysart
8:11 | Documentary / Experimental | Colour, B&W | 2019
“A home movie of Cree woman hunting is saved from being lost forever, but how does it compare to official Canadian history of northern Manitoba?”


a short film by Sonya Ballantyne
10:29 | Documentary | Colour | 2017
“A woman reconnects with her grandmother’s past through drawings done by Daphne Odjig.”

still from IKWÉ by Caroline Monnet

Archive/Counter-Archive (ACA) is a project and research network dedicated to activating and preserving audiovisual archives created by Indigenous Peoples (First Nations, Métis, Inuit), Black communities and People of Colour, women, LGBT2Q+ and immigrant communities. Political, resistant, and community-based, counter-archives disrupt conventional narratives and enrich our histories.


Established in 2018 through a Social Science and Humanities Partnership Grant, the ACA network is committed to finding new ways to activate, preserve and restore the diverse moving image heritage across Canada. Their evolving mandate combines education and advocacy to raise awareness and find resources to support audio-visual preservation — with a special focus on short format media which have very few resources available for preservation.


The WFG Case Study is extending the preservation efforts WFG itself has undertaken in recent years, digging deep into our archives to identify those films sidelined and subordinated in conventional histories of the organization. These works have the capability of transforming our understanding of the city, its cinema, and the cultures that converge here.


In the spring of 2023, Artist-in-Residence Redsun//Sahgothé  was brought on board. They have been given carte blanche to both create and critique, to recognize the possibilities that the Film Group has opened up for independent filmmakers over the course of its history, but also to acknowledge the exclusions and elisions that complicate and compromise these achievements.