Two WFG distributed short films will screen at “Films on Art Portugal:Temps d’Images” held in Lisbon Nov 13-19, 2014. Both films were created through a commission by the Canada Council for the Arts to create a short video on Governor General Award Winners.

Toronto based filmmaker Zachary Finkelstein, created his short film MAX DEAN on the 2014 Laureate of the Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts.

max dean

Max Dean presents an intimate and visually arresting portrait of the multimedia artist Max Dean as he performs his piece, “__________.” for the final time. This video documents Max Dean’s performance, recorded in a single unedited camera take, and provides an audio record of Dean’s thoughts about art and his own art practice as he revisits his early performance from his current position as a renowned Canadian artist. Through a close collaboration between the artist and the filmmaker, this piece not only presents Dean’s performance, but also gives viewers a glimpse into the personality of the Governor General’s Award winning artist.

Danielle Sturk’s TREATY NUMBER THREE was created to commemorate visual and performance artist Rebecca Belmore, 2013 Laureate of the Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts.

Treaty Number ThreeThe filmmaker collaborated with Belmore who created a new visual art/performance artwork specifically for this video. The new work is inspired by the spoken words of chief Mawe-do-pe-nais from an 1873 treaty negotiation recording of Belmore’s ancestral land.

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