The WFG is delighted to announce that five made-in-Manitoba films featured in our distribution catalogue are streaming for the first-ever CBC Manitoba Online Short Film Festival. They will be online April 22 to May 22 to celebrate NATIONAL CANADIAN FILM DAY on April 29, 2015.

Watch all five shorts online here and tweet about your favourites using the hash-tag #SFFNowPlaying! The five films are being championed by CBC personalities and producers and we encourage you to engage with them and the filmmakers!


Tashina second walk.d20110526-u160009Tashina by Caroline Monnet

Champion Rosanna Deerchild writes: “Tashina is the personal experience of a young Aboriginal teen on her journey toward a better future for herself and her people. Using poetic expression – both visual and language – we meet this strong young woman who shares her triumphs, challenges and her vision as she leaves her tight-knit home and ventures to the big city of dreams and possibilities. It is a journey that will leave you both fearful and hopeful for her generation.”

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Will The Real Dave Barber Please Stand Up? by Dave Barber

Champion Teghan Beaudette writes: “Part documentary, part grainy-JFK-style reenactment, this short film is about the weirdest moment in Dave Barber’s life. The punchline is a Happy Place story waiting to happen, and the real-life news footage from the exact moment it happened is hilarious.  Don’t let anyone ruin this for you before you see it – it’s genius.”

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  • Tweet Dave’s Champion: @cbcteghan


Touchdown_inwaterThe Touchdown by Fabian Velasco

Champion Kaj Hasselriis writes: “Have you ever scored for no one else but yourself? What happened after?  The Touchdown has all the tension and suspense of a big game plus a Manitoba beach setting that will evoke all your favourite summer memories.”

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LossofContact_tempphotoLoss of Contact by Brad Crawford & BJ Verot

Champion Katie Nicholson writes: “The best sports films are often not about whether the main character wins or loses but how (s)he plays the game.  And in Loss of Contact we learn there is no game quite as dirty as race-walking. There are bad guys, yes. There are also golden boys, underdogs, also-rans and many, many big laughs.  While there are dastardly villains and cheaters in race-day mockumentary, ultimately those with purity of intention triumph…  and who doesn’t like to cheer for that?”

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Walter_closeupWalter by Curtis L. Wiebe

Champion Marcy Markusa writes: “Walter is part Fraggle Rock, part Winnipeg location cameos and all heart. I dare you not to fall in love with the baggy nylon potato head puppet as he trudges through the snow in the city. You can enjoy this one with your whole family. It’s smart and quirky. Two things that are always worth my time.”

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The WFG would like to give a big shout out to Iris Yudai at CBC Manitoba for making this online Festival happen and for championing the WFG and many of our high-quality made-in-Manitoba films.

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Thanks also to REEL CANADA for starting National Canadian Film Day to shine a spotlight on all the great films (feature and short) made in our country. #CanFilmDay

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For more info on the festival or our films please contact:
WFG Distribution Director Monica Lowe
monica@winnipegfilmgroup.com, 204-925-3456 x 103