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Camera Effects & Techniques with Dylan Baillie

Monday, January 24th | 6-9pm CT | WFG Black Lodge

*Please make sure to wear your mandatory masks and bring your vaccination card and photo ID with you.

Join local cinematographer Dylan Baillie in a workshop discussing vintage lenses and practical optical effects! Dylan will be discussing adapting vintage lenses to modern cameras, as well as utilizing a variety of older tools and gadgets to create engaging digital images. Dylan has made a variety of short films, music videos and documentaries, since getting his start recording videos of local bands in 2009. Dylan has utilized many of the techniques he’ll be discussing in the class in his own work, and is always looking for new ways to be creative with image making.


Dylan Baillie is a working film director and cinematographer based out of Winnipeg, MB. Dylan got his start in 2009 when he began filming live concert videos for local musicians. Over the past 10 years Dylan has shot hundreds of live performances, several music videos & a variety of short films/documentaries.

Dylan embraces the “run and gun” style of shooting where the challenge becomes capturing engaging images while working with small crews and limited budgets. Dylan’s work has screened in places such as The Gimli Film Festival, The Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, and The Winnipeg Cinematheque.

Moving forward, Dylan intends to continue searching for new and innovative ways to express himself visually through the medium of film. Dylan has been working at the Winnipeg Film Group as full time staff since November, 2015. Dylan is also an avid film viewer, who makes a point of watching films from every decade and country in the world, attempting to gain a more fluid understanding of the language of cinema.



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