MFM Post-Production Fund

2022-2023 DEADLINES 
SPRING 2023: Thursday, April 27


There are no application fees, but you must be a current member in good standing of the Winnipeg Film Group to apply.


The Winnipeg Film Group’s MFM POST-PRODUCTION FUND is designed to assist Winnipeg Film Group members in the development of their artistic careers by providing support towards the post-production and production of film projects in the form of cash and services awards.

PLEASE NOTE: This fund is primarily geared to POST-production. PRODUCTION applications are welcome, but the funds for production are extremely limited.

NOTE: If you are applying for post-production, please include video samples or stills for the film you are submitting this grant for.

This award fund is geared to filmmakers who have made at least one independent production (on film, video or digital media) as director or as the primary artist/creator.

This fund supports films in narrative, experimental, documentary or hybrid/cross-genre. The fund is NOT designed for series, pilots or demo reels.

The MFM POST-PRODUCTION FUND has two deadlines annually, one in the fall and one in the spring.

FUNDING SUPPORT: This program will provide grants for up to $2,000 CASH and up to $2,000 in Winnipeg Film Group SERVICES.


NOTE: *IMPORTANT* If your budget exceeds the amount of cash and services from the Winnipeg Film Group ($2,000 cash, $2,000 services), you must create a document in the online application that details where the additional funds are coming from and the dollar amounts. You must also indicate whether the funds are confirmed or pending. If pending you must note date(s) you are expecting to hear back from the funding sources.

Your budget in the online application should clearly detail the cash and services dollars you wish to utilize from the fund ($2,000 cash, $2,000 services).

For the aforementioned document detailing additional funds, please use the “Other Funding Sources Document” section in the online application.


  • To assist members to create film, video or digital media projects
  • To assist members to use film, video or digital media as a means of artistic expression
  • To assist members to further develop their careers as filmmakers
  • To contribute to the overall development of filmmakers in Manitoba


  • A current resident of Manitoba
  • A current member of the Winnipeg Film Group (in good standing)
  • Applicants who have completed at least one independent work as director or artist/creator (on film, video or digital media)
  • The independent work must not be a student project, assignment or activity issued by a teacher or professor from a University, College or other preparatory related school
  • The director/creator of the proposed project must have and will retain full artistic and editorial control

An applicant is only eligible to apply to this fund if they do NOT already have an OPEN MFM Post-Production Fund or MFM First Film Fund grant/award. An award/grant is considered CLOSED when a final report to the Winnipeg Film Group has been received, including a DVD or film file and that all documents and materials have approved by the Winnipeg Film Group. The only exception to this rule is those who have received a First Film Fund grant and have completed a rough or fine cut and wish to apply to the Post-Production Fund to finish their film.

An applicant is allowed to apply in any given round for One Film Only.

If you have applied for a previous round of funding and did not get funding, you are welcome to re-submit an application for this round.


  • The artistic merit of the proposed project
  • The significance of the proposed project on the development of the applicant’s artistic career
  • Whether the applicant can successfully carry out the proposed project


The submission process for the Winnipeg Film Group’s Fund programs has moved to an online system. Please submit using the submission form: https://www.jotform.com/82815696590268

In the event you have difficulty accessing a computer with Internet connection to make your submission, please contact the Winnipeg Film Group for assistance.

ENQUIRIES regarding the MFM POST-PRODUCTION FUND and other Winnipeg Film Group production programs can be directed to:

Production Programs Manager:
Dylan Baillie


With the valuable, ongoing support of MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC we have been able to assist more than 250 Manitoba filmmakers create, market, and screen more than 400 films for more than 20 years.

MFM Marketing Fund

2022-2023 DEADLINES 
SPRING 2023: Thursday, April 27



There is no fee to submit but you MUST be, at minimum, a General member of the WFG.
If you are unsure if you are a member please email
membership@winnipegfilmgroup.com prior to submitting


The Winnipeg Film Group’s MFM MARKETING FUND (funded by Manitoba Film & Music) is designed to assist Manitoba filmmakers and media artists in the marketing and promotion of their films. The marketing of a film is a very important component of filmmaking, and a well thought out plan may help in the overall success of the film. Filmmakers with completed or near completed films can apply for financial assistance to contribute to distribution/marketing materials and activities such as DVDs, web design, film and video screening copies, ads, entry fees and travel to markets and festivals.

Applicants must be residents of Manitoba and general members of the Winnipeg Film Group in good standing. Applicants must be the creator/director of the project, and must maintain full artistic and financial control of the project; producers may only apply with written consent from director.

Applicants cannot hold more than one MFM Marketing Fund at any given time; once one award is closed off, an applicant is eligible to apply for another project. Applicants can have concurrent MFM Marketing Fund and MFM Production Fund Awards.

**Note: Films will only be accepted as online links (passwords recommended) 


Thanks to the valuable support of MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC for nearly 20 years we have been able to assist more than 200 Manitoba filmmakers create, market, and screen their films through our various Funds.


  • Applicants should be the director of the project and they should retain full artistic control of the project (i.e.: independent film). Producers are not eligible to apply without written consent from the director.
  • The applicant must be current members of the WFG in good standing (new members accepted)
  • The applicant must be a resident of Manitoba (proof of residency may be required)
  • The submitted film must be completed within one month of the Marketing Fund deadline
  • Projects may only receive one MFM MARKETING FUND
  • Applicants may only submit one project per deadline
  • Applicants may not submit a project more than twice
  • Applicants may only hold one MFM MARKETING FUND at a time


  • DVDs / Blu-rays for sale
  • DCP / video / film prints for screenings
  • festival entry fees
  • vimeo / web hosting
  • advertising material and/or design
  • postage for festival entries
  • travel / registration funds to attend relevant conferences & market events
  • other relevant marketing materials


  • marketing expenses incurred before deadline
  • expendable supplies (pens, paper, gas, etc)


  • Marketing Plan – film synopsis & how the FUND will be used (1000 words max)
  • Biography / Filmography of Filmmaker (submit separate or together)
  • Budget / Quotes for Marketing Plan (film budget is not required) (attach up to 2 quotes, if applicable)
  • Artwork for DVDs, ads, website design, etc (up to 3, if applicable)
  • Resume/CV (optional)
  • Online link to film or clip – with password protection (vimeo recommended)
  • Please note: The selection committee can only view 15 minutes for each submission. Please only submit 15 minutes of materials or inform us of your preferred start and end viewing time.


A two to three member selection committee will be selected and chaired by the Distribution Staff. The committee will either:

  • award the full requested amount, up to $750
  • award a portion of the requested amount,
  • turn down the request.


  • ARTISTIC: Does the film/project have artistic merit?
  • AUDIENCE: Can the film/project find an audience/market, if applicable?
  • FOCUS: Is the Marketing Plan focused?
  • EFFECTIVENESS: Will the Marketing Plan assist the film/project reach the target markets as proposed?
  • RELEVANCY: Is the Marketing Plan relevant to the film/project, era, market, etc?
  • PRACTICALITY: Can the filmmaker complete this project as proposed?


  • All applicants will receive email notice of the committee’s decision within three months of the deadline, or sooner when possible
  • Recipients may claim their Funds by providing copies of paid invoices / receipts for the applicable services. The filmmaker will be responsible for paying for all goods and services first.
  • Recipients will only receive Funds for costs outlined in their application. Any substantial budget changes to the recipient’s original application must be discussed with the Distribution staff for pre-approval.
  • Eligible invoices or receipts begin on the day the MFM Marketing Fund application is due. No invoices or receipts will be accepted that are dated prior to that date.
  • The Fund is active for 12 months. After this date access to the Fund will be closed. A Final Report will be required by the recipient to access the final payment and be eligible for other Funds offered by the WFG.


  • WINNIPEG FILM GROUP and MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC must receive credit on all materials created through the MFM Marketing Fund.
  • The recipient agrees to submit a film file of the finished project upon award notification. This will be shared with MFM.
  • The recipient will submit a copy of all marketing / promotional materials produced using the Fund to WFG.
  • The recipient must use the funds provided within 12 months of notification.
  • A short final report detailing how the award was used must be submitted within 12 months of notification.
  • All MFM Marketing Fund recipients must participate in a one-on-one meeting with MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC shortly after having received the award and before any money is released. MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC will provide information on its programs and on its logo requirements directly to each recipient.


Please contact: distribution@winnipegfilmgroup.com