The ACI mentorship ran a total 9 weeks, from February to April 2017, and concluded with a screening of two final film projects, written, produced and directed by the ACI class.

The class consisted of 18 students who were taught all facets of film production by a total of 7 guest mentors along with lead mentor Milos Mitrovic. The students started by learning the basic fundamentals of screenplay writing. There they participated in a pitch competition where the winning story was selected as our first film. An established Canadian film director came in to the class to teach them the basics of directing actors. This was followed by the class getting hands on experience in their first film shoot. There was an on set professional cinematographer who helped the group with their film as well. Afterwards, the class edited and produced another short film with the help of multiple industry professionals who guided and helped the young students as they learned the trials and tribulations of filmmaking.


The mentors who offered their expertise to the class:  (1) Adam Brooks, the director of the feature films The Editor and Father’s Day came in to talk to the class about directing actors and distributing your film. (2) Tyson Carron, screenwriter and director of Lovesick came in to talk to the class about creating a story, writing a screenplay and the endeavors of screenwriting. (3) Markus Henkel, the cinematographer of feature film Menorca, served as an on set cinematography mentor as the students filmed their first project. (4) Fabian Velasco, Editor of Menorca and television shows such as the Illegal Eater and Escape or Die came in and served as a practical editing mentor as the students edited their first project. (5) Tracy Koga, Shaw TV personality, came in and talked to the students about working in the television industry and career opportunities. (6) Film Training Manitoba came in to talk to the class about the film industry and all the different job opportunities in the film industry. (7) The class shot their final film with guest mentor Dylan Baille, Technical Coordinator of the Winnipeg Film Group, provided on set help and cinematography lessons during the shoot.

Finally, the students put together two wonderful products and had a final screening at the Winnipeg Cinematheque that followed up with a Q & A with the class from the audience and then a pizza party up stairs in the Artspace 3rd floor.

Lead Mentor:

Milos Mitrovic (Director of Imitations, Screenwriter of The Champ, Under The Neon Lights)

Guest Mentors:

Adam Brooks (Director of The Editor, Father’s Day)

Tyson Carron (Screenwriter/Director of Lovesick)

Markus Henkel (Cinematographer of Menorca)

Fabian Velasco (Editor of Escape or Die, Illegal Eater)

Tracy Koga (Shaw TV Host)

FTM (Film Training Manitoba)

Dylan Baillee (Cinematographer of Hue Quilted Pantyhose)