Manitoba Film Hothouse Award for Creative Development


2016 Deadline: Thurs Feb 11 at 4 PM (this is not a postmark deadline)

The Manitoba Film Hothouse Award is designed to support a local, Manitoba filmmaker to further develop their career by providing them with added profile and with funding to support self-directed development work.

This award includes $10,000 in cash, $5,000 in services and a general membership with producer add-on from the Winnipeg Film Group. Additionally, the award-recipient will be provided with a special retrospective screening at the Winnipeg Film Group’s Cinematheque.

There is one award annually. A filmmaker can receive the Manitoba Film Hothouse Award only once.

* Application materials can be submitted in French

The Winnipeg Film Group acknowledges the Province of Manitoba for its support of this award program.

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• Eligible applicants are Manitoba filmmakers who have been working as directors/creators in film or video for a minimum of five years and who have produced a recognizable body of independent work. Independent work, for the purposes of this program, means work where the director retains full editorial control and copyright.

• Eligible applicants must have a history of public presentation for their independent film and/or video work (selected by a third-party professional programming/curatorial process), spanning a minimum of five years – at recognized film festivals, art galleries, broadcasters, artist-run centres, etc. Applicants should demonstrate this eligibility through both their résumé and their statement of recently completed artistic work. (For the purposes of this program, screenings in the Winnipeg Film Group’s member premieres does not constitute a professional presentation.)

• Applicants should be able to articulate self-directed development work that they seek to engage in over a four to five month period supported by this award, including any project-related expenses. Examples of self-directed development work include – but are not limited to – research, experimentation, script writing and process-based development.

• Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and have lived in Manitoba for at least one year prior to submitting an application for this award.

• Applicants must be over 18 years of age and cannot be full time students.

• Applicants can hold a Manitoba Film Hothouse Award concurrent with a Production Fund and / or Marketing Fund Award.


The award recipient will be selected by a committee of experienced independent filmmakers and other professionals in the field, such as programmers, curators and arts administrators. The committee will base its decision on the following criteria:

1. The historic artistic achievement of the filmmaker, as demonstrated by a history of professional presentation and awards and other distinctions, as well as the overall quality of their body of work (50%)

2. The artistic merit of the self-directed work proposed and its connection to the filmmaker’s artistic career trajectory (35%)

3. The capacity of the resources of this award to assist the filmmaker in their overall career development objectives (15%)


Interested Manitoba filmmakers are invited to apply with the following submission package:

• A completed application form, via our online submission platform

• A statement of artistic work completed over the past 12 to 18 months (max 2 pages; pdf format)

• An artistic résumé (max 5 pages; pdf format)

• A description of the self-directed development work that will be supported by this award, including a work timeline/schedule and any applicable budget notes (3-5 pages; pdf format)

• A sample of three independent, professional (non-student) films or videos completed as director/creator (full works required)


Cecilia Araneda
Executive Director
(204) 925-3456, ext 102

* Appointments with Cecilia Araneda are available with advance booking by contacting cecilia@winnipegfilmgroup.com