Catching up is a series of interviews showcasing various filmmakers based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Treaty 1 territory.

While working as the Archive Assistant for the Winnipeg Film Group, I have been able to look through the films that have been highlighted in the past. Now I want to make room for new artists, to create different avenues of archiving in order to make these new filmmakers’ practices and stories more accessible to the public. This is especially important during these times of isolation when we are unable to physically attend events. I want to bring attention to local filmmakers – who they are, what their focus is and what they’ve been up to during this last year. – Mahlet Cuff

Pluetoe, also known as Victor Ilunga, is a Winnipeg-based video and performance artist who has been actively honing his craft since 2013. Pluetoe’s start with filmmaking was a surprise that he didn’t even see coming,

“My computer class teacher, of all people, asked me if I wanted to be a part of a small team that would be making a short documentary on the environment, we filmed/edited and it never saw the light of day. Nonetheless I was already hooked and it’s been one of my passions ever since then.” he says.

His inspirations for his films and film ideas come from sound and lived experiences. As well, he is cinematically influenced by the music he listens to. Pluetoe’s latest film Juno which premiered last summer is an example of the way he is very intentional about the soundtrack for his filmmaking.


“I chose the music months before making the film, I used that as a blueprint for the visual aspect of the film, and that is the approach that I’ve been using since I was a kid (I would daydream to music) to make up my own scenarios in my head.”

The one person that he would love to collaborate with is based right here in Winnipeg: interdisciplinary artist, curator and filmmaker Chuwudubem Ukaigwe. While like most of us he has been finding shows and movies to watch during the pandemic. He has been watching Naruto, “it’s an anime show, I’ve unexpectedly learned so many valuable life lessons on this show”, as well as The Holy Mountain, and The Godfather: “I am re-watching it – probably my all-time favourite movie in that genre.”

To keep up to date with what Pluetoe is working on you can follow him on instagram @pluetoe.


Check out Pluetoe’s website for his video work: www.pluetoe.space, (currently under construction), and www.pexels.com/@pluetoe for his photography.



Mahlet Cuff is the Archive Assistant at the Winnipeg Film Group a role made possible through Archive/ Counter Archive Study, a project of York University

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Head shot of Pluetoe by David Akello

Film still image from Pluetoe’s film Juno (2020)