The Winnipeg Film group is pleased to announce?our Executive Director Cecilia Araneda was honoured at a special luncheon at the Manitoba Legislature on October 26, recognizing women artists who make a difference.

“Manitoba women who have embraced the arts challenge many of society’s deepest assumptions through their personal interpretation, expression and creativity,” saidLabour and Immigration Minister Jennifer Howard, minister responsible for the status of women. “By presenting their unique view of the world around us, the artistic women we are honouring have demonstrated how they can preserve history, reflect our world and shape the future.”

Araneda was recognized for her work as Executive Director of the Winnipeg Film Group, including her instrumental role in developing the Mosaic Women’s Film Project, as well as for her work as an independent filmmaker. “Through her films, Cecilia strives to present experiences that not only reflect on the past but also trace connections between struggles, triumphs and changes to the present. In fact, social change plays a large role in both her creative process and the final product.”

Other honourees included Teresa Burrows, Roewan Crowe, Leah Decter, Buffy Handel, Ingrid D. Johnson, Hope McIntyre and Jaime Black.

Read the full Women in the Arts: Artists Working for Social Change publication.