Between December 2-6 the 2015 Whistler Film Festival  will present 89 films from 19 countries with over 400 guests scheduled to attend. Out of the 46 features, the WFG distributed film, Nestor, by Daniel Robinson will celebrate its World Premiere on Thursday, December 3.

Daniel Robinson’s Nestor is a compelling cinematic narrative of outdoor survival that Robinson wrote, produced, directed, edited, scored and starred in.

“The film ‘Nestor’ was designed specifically to be made alone — not out of vanity, but necessity. After years of struggling to find the means to mount a traditional film production, I decided to go it alone. I wanted to test the very limits of independent filmmaking. The one rule I set for myself was do everything, from pre-production all the way to marketing, and never let anyone help. Making ‘Nestor’ almost killed me, but I’m very proud of what I was able to accomplish way out in the sticks of northwestern Ontario.”

Robinson grew up in the northern Ontario town of Fort Frances. Fascinated by movies from an early age, he obtained a VHS-C camera in high school and began making his own short films. After graduating from the Toronto Film School in 2006, Robinson spent time on various projects in Vancouver and L.A.

Nestor, is Robinson’s first film. He currently resides in Guelph, Ontario.

Also screening is the WFG distributed short animation, Mia’ , by Vancouver artists / filmmakers Amanda Strong and Bracken Hanuse Corlett.


For more information on this screening or the films please contact:
Niki Little, Distribution Coordinator
204-925-3456 x 105 | niki@winnipegfilmgroup.com