Telefilm Canada’s Micro-Budget Production Program is now open for 2016. The Winnipeg Film Group is one of many Telefilm national partners now taking applications.

The deadline is on February 26, 2016 at 4:00PM.

 The definition of eligible projects has been extended to include, in addition to feature films, digital short-form content of under 75 minutes in length. Note that for these types of projects, Telefilm’s contribution will be pro-rated based on the total length of the project. As before, all projects must be intended for digital distribution;
Telefilm’s maximum contribution amount is now set at $127,500. Of that amount, $7,500 must be reserved for the hiring of a digital marketing expert that will help applicants elaborate and put in place a digital marketing/social media strategy for their project;
Telefilm’s contribution must be allocated as follows:
o A maximum of $107,500 for the development, production and post-
production costs (including the digital expert fees);
o A minimum of $20,000 for the promotion and distribution costs;

Applicants must be the creator/director of the project, and must maintain full artistic and financial control of the project. There must be a core team comprised of a Director, Writer and Producer. All applicants and their core team must be residents of Manitoba and members of the Winnipeg Film Group in good standing. No applicant nor their core team members can have film credits tied to a feature length film over 75 minutes. Film submissions must be either a Narrative or Documentary (Animation pieces are acceptable).

Further details at Telefilm Micro-Budget Production Website

For further information on deadlines and details of the program, please contact:

Ben Williams, Production Centre Director
(204) 925-3456 ext 109

Mark Borowski, Production Centre Programs Coordinator
(204) 925-3456 ext 111