May 6-9, 2015, the Winnipeg Cinematheque will host a national forum that will use the Winnipeg Film Group’s 40th anniversary as a starting point to explore how the landscape of Canadian cinema has developed over the past decades, and how it is currently evolving.

The forum will also take a critical look at the role and relevance of the now 40-year-old national film production centre system in fostering filmmaking communities and voices across Canada.

This event will feature panel discussions with leading Canadian filmmakers, programmers and art professionals on topics that examine the evolution of the independent filmmaking practice in Canada, as well as new contexts for supporting creative innovation in the future.

Key topics that will be reflected upon during this forum include:

  • The rise of Canada’s film production centre system
  • Canadian women directors
  • Prairie Post Modernists and New Wave pioneers
  • Parallels between Winnipeg and Quebec cinema
  • Indigenous perspectives on the film production centre system
  • Changing technologies and the future of filmmaking

A complementary screening series will illuminate key forum topics from a curatorial perspective, featuring the works of key Canadian independent filmmakers.

More detailed information on this event will be available March 2015.

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