Basic Film Shoot Insurance

Our independent production insurance provides a basic film shoot insurance plan through Team Insurance Brokers that is available to our General Members with a Production Add On. They must be members in good standing, residents of Manitoba, and working on independent film or video projects.

We have a limited number of these certificates to offer within each fiscal year and they are made available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

* For the purposes of the Winnipeg Film Group, independent works are one where the director retains full creative and editorial control.

While a degree of coverage for the Winnipeg Film Group’s in-house equipment is provided automatically to our members, filmmakers may require shoot insurance if they are shooting on location, on City property (as this is a potential liability matter) or if they are using equipment from a commercial rental house.

This insurance is available at a significant discount for independent projects made by Winnipeg Film Group members, versus obtaining insurance independently:

  • Rates for independent films and videos are $500 per project.
  • If your shoot is cancelled or for any reason you need to cancel your insurance application, there will still be a $50 fee, meaning if you paid $500 for insurance you would receive a $450 refund upon cancellation.

Note: you must read the WFG insurance FAQ at the end of this page!

Application Process

This independent production plan is available to General Members who have purchased the Production Add On, working on independent, director-driven, non-commercial works. Eligibility for this plan is subject to a case-by-case assessment of projects by staff, and the Winnipeg Film Group reserves the right to refuse access to productions that do not meet the plan criteria.

As the processing time for this insurance depends greatly on the submission of a fully completed application package, as well as time for in-house assessment of eligibility, you should commence your insurance application process as early as possible, and no later than two weeks prior to your anticipated shoot date.

Important notes

  1. In order to gain access to the online application form, you must pay for your insurance in advance and contact Dylan Baillie to receive full access to the form. If you have questions about the payment methods, email Dylan at dylan@winnipegfilmgroup.com.
  2. You must read the WFG Insurance FAQ at the end of this page.
  3. Coverage is subject to change without notice.


Coverage is subject to change without notice. If there is a discrepancy between the actual policy wordings and this page, the policy wordings will prevail. This page is for information only, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

  • Commercial General Liability: $2,000,000 coverage
  • Tenant’s Legal Liability: $250,000 coverage
  • Equipment: $50,000 coverage, $2,500 deductible
  • Cameras, sound, lighting, recording, electrical, mechanical, effects, grip, editing, and projection equipment.
  • All equipment rentals must have a written agreement in place to be covered by this policy.
  • Rented or Hired Vehicles are not automatically covered by this policy. Contact your local Autopac Broker to inquire about Rental Car Insurance.

WFG – Team Insurance Brokers FAQs

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Filming on public property or in a building owned by the City of Winnipeg

I’m renting gear from another company, they want me to have insurance!

What is Hazardous Filming?

What constitutes as maintaining the safety of equipment overnight when not shooting?

Do I need to give detailed activities for every day of the production?

What is the maximum amount of days for filming?

Is there a limit to how many additional insured parties I can apply for?

If I’m not renting any equipment from the WFG, do I still need to be a member to purchase insurance?

Can I purchase insurance if I only have the $75 student/senior WFG membership?

What does this certificate of insurance include?

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