Black Lodge – $20/hr or $125 for a full day

23ft 10in x 40ft, 11ft 4in High – Studio space to be used for filming, screenings, rehearsals, meetings, presentations, and more. Includes a wall size screen, projector, and speaker system.




Media Lab – $10/day

Our computer lab has 6 iMac computers with Adobe Creative Suite, DaVinci Resolve (Basic), Final Cut, Dragonframe, and more. Please note if you’re using the media lab, others may come in to use the computers around you.


Please do not leave any files on the iMacs after use. All files are wiped monthly. 







Oxberry Animation Stand – $5/day

The Oxberry Animation Stand is an advanced animation tool used for filming a variety of animation styles & techniques. Built in with an analog camera, and now with a new digital camera mount, the Oxberry opens the door to dynamic animations through camera movements, dynamic lighting, and exposure control.

Winnipeg Film Group is home to the only Oxberry Animation stand in Manitoba, and one of few in Canada.




Optical Printer – $5/day

The Optical Printer room is home to several analog film tools including a film winding table, a Steenbeck film editing table, and the Optical Printer itself.

The room also doubles as a darkroom for film winding, and film splicers are also available to rent at request. All together, the Optical Printer room makes the perfect environment for all of your analog film needs.