Production Fund

* Applications can be submitted in French


The Winnipeg Film Group’s PRODUCTION FUND is designed to assist Winnipeg Film Group members in the development of their artistic careers by providing support towards the production of film projects in the form of cash and services awards.

This award fund is geared to filmmakers who have made at least one independent production (on film, video or digital media) as director or artist / creator.

The PRODUCTION FUND has two intake rounds annually, one in the spring and one in the fall. Applications for production and post production components are considered during both rounds, but each individual application must be for one component only.

This program provides cash grants in one of two increments – either $1,000 or $2,000. WFG services will be awarded in a similar manner, in $1,000 or $2,000 increments. The maximum award available to a project during any one application round is $2,000 in cash and $2,000 in services. The maximum award available to any project in total through this fund is $4,000 in cash and $4,000 in services.

Additionally, applicants are eligible to apply for a William F. White production equipment rental package award of $1,250 through this program.


  1. To assist members to create film, video or digital media projects
  2. To assist members to use film, video or digital media as a means of artistic expression
  3. To assist members to further develop their careers as filmmakers
  4. To contribute to the overall development of filmmakers in Manitoba


  • Residents of Manitoba who have been members of the Winnipeg Film Group (in good standing) for at least three months prior to application
  • Filmmakers who have completed at least one independent work as director or artist/creator (on film, video or digital media)
  • Director/creator of the proposed project, who has and will retain full artistic and editorial control
  • Applications who have not completed at least one independent film or video as director/creator can apply to the post production phase of the Production Fund, provided they meet all other eligibility requirements and submit a complete application
  • Those who do not already have an open Production Fund, First Film Fund or Hothouse Award; an award is considered closed when a final report has been received and approved by the Winnipeg Film Group


  • The artistic merit of the proposed project
  • The significance of the proposed project on the development of the applicant’s artistic career
  • Whether the applicant can successfully carry out the proposed project


Starting the fall 2013 deadline rounds, the submission process for the Winnipeg Film Group’s fund programs has moved to an online system, accessible via the submissions page.

In the event you have difficulty accessing a computer with Internet connection to make your submission, please contact the Winnipeg Film Group for assistance.

INQUIRIES regarding the PRODUCTION FUND and other Winnipeg Film Group production programs can be directed to:

Ben Williams
Production Centre Director
925-3456, ext 109


The Winnipeg Film Group acknowledges the generous support of Manitoba Film & Music in funding this award program. We also acknowledge the services support of William F. White.

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