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Pathways, Obstructions, Survival Lessons: The Works of Alex Poruchnyk

Thu, Oct 8 / 7 pm
Curated by Alain Delannoy and introduced by Alex Poruchnyk
with a reception to follow at Video Pool (3rd floor of Artspace).

“Since the late 1970s, Winnipeg artist Alex Poruchnyk has been exploring storytelling through video art. His body of work includes installations, performances and, as this program demonstrates, wonderful single channel experimental videos. These videos often present a beautiful sense of space as well as scale. This is due to his experience as a sculptor and his continued desire to find innovating ways of fusing story with both space and time. Themes of mortality and man versus the elements also occur as there seems to be a search or a quest for man to find some kind control, a peace, or a way to just survive. His videos are personal investigations and boldly take us down avenues where we can ponder existential issues. These are pathways, journeys and odysseys that Alex offers us to explore.” – Alain Delannoy 

Since 1989, Alex has taught video and sculpture at the University of Manitoba School of Art. Several important video and media artists have passed through his classes – including Heidi Phillips, Daniel Barrow, Sheridan Shindruk, Marcel Dzama, Jennifer Stillwell, Neil Farber and Micheal Dumontier. Alex continues to create explore the medium recently venturing into 3D stereoscopy. His past works can be found in collections including that of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Curator Alain Delannoy is one of Winnipeg’s finest animators and currently teaches a multi media course at the Université de Saint-Boniface.

The Chair / Dir. Alex Poruchnyk, 1979, Canada, 1:22 min / Chained to a chair … mouth taped over … a key hangs before you. Who will act? Who will set you free? Who will take responsibility for your actions?

Renovations / Dir. Alex Poruchnyk, 1983, Canada, 13:37 min /
Renovation follows an individual’s attempt to purchase and renovate a derelict house in downtown Winnipeg. Through a combination of still photographs and video footage, the tape casually explores the interior of the house and the community in which the house is located.

Live Wire / Dir. Alex Poruchnyk, 1982, Canada, 5:45 min / An exercise of choice in a system where the paradox is that you always have one. The problem of certain alternatives is only realized by people with their backs to the wall.

Face March / Dir. Alex Poruchnyk and Vern Hume, 1984, Canada, 4:25 min / A grandmother spends one year gathering news coverage of war, thinking about a silent army. The results strip away all of broadcast television’s trappings. All we are left with are people in conflict, people in pain, people afraid for the future, leaders coming and going, and new leaders coming and going.

Hey Kids / Dir. Alethea Lahofer, 1990, Canada, 2 min / With animation by Al Poruchynyk artist Alethea Lahofer visually bombards us with computer images flashing, urging us to buy. Subliminal messages creep into our subconscious along with dancing skeletons. Advertisements and subliminal blueprints go bad and are reconstructed to show their blackened crass side.

Dock-Watch-Bay / Dir. Alex Poruchnyk, 2002, Canada, 8 min / Francis Bacon Weather vanes can be looked at for the promise of  good weather and smooth sailing or with concern, sailor take warning. Weather vanes act as our reminders of previous forecasts and real life mistakes.

Falling / Dir. Alex Poruchnyk, 2002, Canada, 8 min / Falling is an experimental documentary from Poruchnyk’s ongoing project on 14 acres of treed land, beside Lake Winnipeg, titled “Floating and Falling.”Through the process of filming the forest he
began to see the forest as being about complex relationships often acted out between individuals (trees or other vegetation usually) and that reading the landscape is really about uncovering these relationships in time. – Richard Perron

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Sat 24

Optical Printer One on One Workshop Sessions

Appointment Based One on One Session
Sat 24

Shoot Some 16mm Film

Camera Orientation Day: Sat. June 1, 2019 – 10 AM – 2 PM (WFG Black Lodge Studio)

Shooting Days: June 3 – July 13, 2019

Processing Day: Sat. July 13 & Sun. July 14 – 10 AM – 2 PM (WFG Media Lab and Platform Dark Room)

Optical Printer Class: Sat. July 20 | 10am - 2pm

Editing: July – August

Screening Date: TBD
Sat 24

Gimme Some Truth presents: Shella Record – A Reggae Mystery

Wed, Aug 21 / 7 pm
Thu, Aug 22 / 9:30 pm
Fri, Aug 23 / 9 pm
Sat, Aug 24 / 3 pm & 9 pm
Sun, Aug 25 / 7 pm
Wed, Aug 28 / 9 pm
Sat, Aug 31 / 9 pm
Sat 24

Meeting Gorbachev

Fri, Aug 23 / 7 pm
Sat, Aug 24 / 5 pm & 7 pm
Sun, Aug 25 / 3 pm & 5 pm
Wed, Aug 28 / 7 pm
Thu & Fri, Aug 29 & 30 / 9 pm
Sat, Aug 31 / 5 pm
Sat 24

Cream of the Crap 6: Korba’s Revenge

Sat, Aug 24 / 6 pm (VHS Swap), 7 pm (Screening)


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