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Leslie Supnet’s Moving Perspectives

Sat, Feb 13 / 3 pm
Curated and introduced by filmmaker Leslie Supnet.

Our good friend, animator and curator Leslie Supnet, winner of the Winnipeg Arts Council’s 2012 On The Rise Award, has assembled a bold, hilarious and vibrant selection of contemporary experimental film and videos, MOVING PERSPECTIVES. Many of these works feature beautiful, ambient soundtracks and appropriated imagery ranging from a tribute to Philippine spaghetti westerns (pancit) Shireen Seno’s Shotgun to Jon Saski’s tragi comic cat struggles in Hang In There.

Leslie will introduce the program in a live Skype from Toronto.

Curated and introduced by animator Leslie Supnet this program features short film and video works that provoke and disrupt our ideas about representation and objectivity. By cleverly engaging with our expectations, these works allow us to refocus, look and listen from a point of view that deviates from the center. Works include animation, found footage, the remake, performance and the personal / lyrical by playing genre !

An exceptionally talented animator, Leslie Supnet  is an artist whose drawing, animated and film work aims to represent sincerity and lived experience Supnet’s moving image works have screened at various festivals around the world.

Two Snakes / Dir. Kristin Li, 2015, Canada, 10 min / An experimental animation & documentary about diasporic foundational myths.

Satellite Telefizyoon / Dir. Nahed Mansour, 2013, Canada, 5 min ( Arabic w/ English subtitles) Satellite Telefizyoon takes all of it’s visual content from a popular 1980’s Egyptian television quiz show featured during the 30-days of Ramadan titled Fawazeer (Riddles). The 1988 series, Hawl El Alam (Around the World) featured the iconic singer/ actress Sherihan who would appropriate the costume, song, and dialect of an unnamed country and conclude by asking her audience to guess which country she was representing. Focusing on the positioning of Egyptian women in relationship to their European, South American, Asian, and African sisters, Sherihan quotes academics Laura Bier, Timothy Mitchell, and Anthony Shay to provide a brief history of Egyptian conceptions of modernity from the 1950-80’s.

Droga! / Dir. Miko Revereza, 2014, USA, 8 min / This personal 8mm film looks at and reads Los Angeles and symbols of American popular culture through the eyes of a Filipino immigrant. Through navigational directions, by reciting a list of missing things, or by varying key themes, the film makes visible the gap between the attributes and expressions of diverse cultural identities.

Shotgun Tuding / Dir. Shireen Seno, 2013, Philippines, 16 min / Tuding arrives at a distant town to track down the man who got her youngest sister pregnant, and she isn’t going home without him. Set in late-1940s Philippines, a tribute to pancit westerns (pancit being the Philippine equivalent of spaghetti)

Equality / Dir. Jen Chan, 2015, Canada, 15 min /Equality, a documentary-style video essay featuring animals, natural disasters, epic landscapes and self affirmative statements by model minorities.  The voiceover is from “Everything Good Goes” (2008) by Liam Gillick.

Hang in There / Dir. Jon Sasaki, 2012, Canada, 3 min, silent / An iconic inspirational poster from the 1970s has been restaged. Rotated to horizontal, the cat struggles
valiantly against somewhat ambiguous forces. Although his failure to “hang in there” is never shown on screen, a series of jump cuts implies that the original poster’s claims to feline tenacity were possibly overstated.

Dance of Terror / Dir. Missing Associates, Lily Eng & Peter Dudar, 1978, Canada, 8 min In Dance of Terror Peter Dudar associates pure martial arts movement with wider contexts. His earlier Penetrated films were based on one-on-one martial arts sparring. In Dance of Terror the sparring expands into two-on-one confrontations. And sequences are inter cut with quotes from art, socio-political, and martial arts texts. “The spirit of defeating a man is the same for ten million men.” Miyamoto Musashi, The Way of Strategy.

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Sat 24

Optical Printer One on One Workshop Sessions

Appointment Based One on One Session
Sat 24

Shoot Some 16mm Film

Camera Orientation Day: Sat. June 1, 2019 – 10 AM – 2 PM (WFG Black Lodge Studio)

Shooting Days: June 3 – July 13, 2019

Processing Day: Sat. July 13 & Sun. July 14 – 10 AM – 2 PM (WFG Media Lab and Platform Dark Room)

Optical Printer Class: Sat. July 20 | 10am - 2pm

Editing: July – August

Screening Date: TBD
Sat 24

Gimme Some Truth presents: Shella Record – A Reggae Mystery

Wed, Aug 21 / 7 pm
Thu, Aug 22 / 9:30 pm
Fri, Aug 23 / 9 pm
Sat, Aug 24 / 3 pm & 9 pm
Sun, Aug 25 / 7 pm
Wed, Aug 28 / 9 pm
Sat, Aug 31 / 9 pm
Sat 24

Meeting Gorbachev

Fri, Aug 23 / 7 pm
Sat, Aug 24 / 5 pm & 7 pm
Sun, Aug 25 / 3 pm & 5 pm
Wed, Aug 28 / 7 pm
Thu & Fri, Aug 29 & 30 / 9 pm
Sat, Aug 31 / 5 pm
Sat 24

Cream of the Crap 6: Korba’s Revenge

Sat, Aug 24 / 6 pm (VHS Swap), 7 pm (Screening)


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