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Saturday, October 21st, 1pm – 5pm

Saturday, October 28th, 1pm – 5pm

Saturday, November 4th, 1pm – 5pm

Saturday, November 18th, 1pm – 5pm

WFG Media Lab, 3rd floor, 100 Arthur Street


This workshop will introduce Toon Boom Harmony, an award-winning software used by the largest animation studios in the world. In four sessions, participants will explore the platform, from simple frame-by-frame drawing to creating animatable rigs, from fixed to moving camera, from painting to adding effects, and how to work with motion keyframes and pegs. Participants will leave with a basic facility for the software and a sense of its vast possibilities. Whether you’re a skilled artist or filmmaker, a novice, or already an animator, you are welcome to participate in the workshop to see what Harmony has to offer.

Animation example by Mandy Szwaluk

Participants will be supplied with the software for the duration of the workshop. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own laptops if they’re able to install software. Otherwise, license access can be arranged on one of the iMacs at the WFG. Please check the specifications if you are downloading to your own computer; or arrange for access to the software at the WFG. Many thanks to Sisler Create for lending WFG the necessary drawing tablets for this workshop!

Animation example by Mandy Szwaluk


Day 1 – A general overview of the platform, from an introduction to the interface, to starting on some drawing and simple animation

Day 2 – Exploring some basic animation principles, and working through from rough to fully inked animation

Day 3 – Looking at motion keyframes, simple rigging and deformers

Day 4 – Animating the camera and adding effects


ANITA LEBEAU has created short animated films independently (8 Rooms, FACE|TIME) and for the National Film Board of Canada (Louise, Big Drive and A Change of Scenery). She has won several awards including the Hiroshima Prize, the Annecy Junior Jury Award, and the Chuck Jones Award (Newport Beach Festival). She has also created a number of short documentary films. She is currently developing her latest film, Alice’s Diary.



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Assistance and accommodations are available to participants with different disabilities. Please call or email us for more information: training@winnipegfilmgroup.com

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