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The Winnipeg Film Group is excited to partner with Blinkers for a screening of Erica Eyres’s short films in association with the artist’s solo exhibition, “Dancing for Dummies.”

Spanning 2003-07, the selection of films offers a look at the early stages of Eyres’s career, which from the start has encapsulated the strange, irreverent, and delightfully inappropriate approach to artmaking that Winnipeg is known for.
The exhibition at Blinkers features a suite of ceramics and paintings as well as a new single-channel video, titled ‘Learning to Dance.’

“Like she’s done before, Eyres dredges up obsolete, often obscure pop-cultural ephemera (some of which are too niche to be ‘pop’), typically artifacts she’d have encountered growing up in Winnipeg. From this process, she either meticulously mimics their likeness in clay or in a painting until they look corpse-like, awkward, and at times downright weird, emanating a haunting and psychological fecundity.”

Saturday, September 2, 2023 at the Black Lodge Studio (Suite 304, Artspace Building).
Doors at 7pm and screening at 8pm. Admission is free. Beverages are available for purchase.

The program includes:
Baby Marleena (2006), 5:30
Without Arms (2003), 21:13
short break –
Destiny Green (2006), 7:30
Jenny Johnson (2006), 5:33
Imaginary Girlfriend (2008), 9:15
Playing Dead (2004), 4:40
Commercials (2007), 5:41

These films have been able to be digitized and screened alongside “Dancing for Dummies” thanks to the WFG’s involvement in the Archive/Counter-Archive (ACA) initiative and to ACA’s generous support. The ACA/WFG Case Study involves the digitization of vulnerable media works created by artists who have been underrepresented throughout the historical documentation and presentation of the WFG catalogue. The WFG Case Study also involves the exhibition of WFG catalogue works in contexts which activate the archive and spark emergent conversations across generations of artistic creation.
This screening is one in a series of presentations which will bring the WFG catalogue into accessible, public spaces. We look forward to sharing more with you <3

Accessibility info:

The main entrances of the Artspace Building, located at Arthur St. and King St., both have automatic door push triggers.

The West side entrance on King St. has a wheelchair lift which accesses the main lobby..

There are two washrooms on the 3rd floor that are private, locking, mom-gendered washrooms. These washrooms do not have handrails or automatic doors.

The 1st floor has non-gendered, multi-stall washrooms. Washrooms on these floors have wheelchair accessible stalls with handrails, but do not have automatic doors.

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