Winnipeg Film Group: Indigenous Filmmakers Catalogue

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Winnipeg’s Indigenous population makes up approximately 11% of the city’s overall population, in comparison to the national average of 4%; however, the Winnipeg Film Group has historically struggled to proportionately reflect this diversity within its supported filmmaker base.


A decade ago, the organization began placing priority emphasis on strategic programming with the objective of becoming more reflective of its overall community, including placing increased focus on Indigenous, culturally diverse and women filmmakers.

Special initiatives supporting Indigenous filmmakers include an ongoing presentation partnership between its Cinematheque exhibition wing and Urban Shaman in Winnipeg and imagineNATIVE in Toronto; the Mosaic Women’s Film Project, supporting the development of new Indigenous and culturally diverse women filmmakers; a pilot Aboriginal Artist in Residence program with Shane Belcourt; presentation programs by commissioned curators Michelle Latimer and Jenny Western; and the recently released high school educational resource guide, Finding Focus: Framing Canadian Métis and First Nations on Film.

Though the Winnipeg Film Group recognizes that much work still needs to be done in this area – and work is indeed ongoing – on the occasion of its 40th anniversary it is taking stock to celebrate what has been achieved. This catalogue features works in the Winnipeg Film Group’s distribution holdings by Indigenous filmmakers, many of whom commenced their filmmaking careers as  result of the programs and support offered by the organization as a whole.

Cecilia AranedaExecutive Director (now former)

Monica LoweDistribution Director 


The Winnipeg Film Group acknowledges the ongoing support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Manitoba Arts Council and the Winnipeg Arts Council.

The support of the Winnipeg Foundation for the development of this catalogue is also acknowledged.

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