Catching Up is a series of interviews showcasing various filmmakers based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Treaty 1 territory.

While working as the Archive Assistant for the Winnipeg Film Group, I have been able to look through the films that have been highlighted in the past. Now I want to make room for new artists, to create different avenues of archiving in order to make these new filmmakers’ practices and stories more accessible to the public. This is especially important during these times of isolation when we are unable to physically attend events. I want to bring attention to local filmmakers – who they are, what their focus is and what they’ve been up to during this last year. – Mahlet Cuff

Ebunoluwa Oke is a photographer, videographer and computer scientist who believes art is in everything. She grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and later moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Overall, her inspirations for filmmaking stem from the likes of Kunle Afolayan, Maya Angelou and Olivia Onuk. “Kunle Afolayan never fails with his stunning cinematography” and “Maya Angelou and Olivia Onuk with their amazing poetry that help paint a beautiful picture,” says Ebunoluwa.

She is also deeply inspired by a number of Nigerian artists such as King Sunny Ade, Asa, and Tunde Kelani. It was through her church experiences in Nigeria that ignited her passion for film making.


“I had a Sunday school teacher that loved theatre plays and musicals. I learned the art of storytelling and directing through her. We had scripts but she ensured we lost ourselves in the stories we were telling. I believe this translated to the way I shoot my photographs and short videos. In high-school, I got my first DSLR and ventured into photography. I joined the media team in my church where I learned how to use a Pro Camcorder.”

Through her film making, Ebunoluwa hopes to collaborate with individuals such as Shonda Rhimes. During the pandemic, Ebunoluwa has been enjoying Bridgerton (TV Series), October 1st (Movie) and Hanging Out With Mr Cooper (TV Series).


You can find more information about Ebunoluwa Oke through her instagram @ebunoke and website — https://e-b.myportfolio.com.



Mahlet Cuff is the Archive Assistant at the Winnipeg Film group, a role made possible through our Archive/Counter Archive Case Study, a project of York University

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Film still of The Dystopia of Being a Black Person (2020)