The Winnipeg Film Group offers film and video distribution to artists from across Canada with a focus on those from the Prairies, northern and eastern Canada.

As the Winnipeg Film Group is the only prairie-region distribution centre that handles both film and video works, we not only distribute independent film and video works by Manitoba filmmakers, but we also represent the work of filmmakers from across the entire prairie region, and the rest of Canada.

We pride ourselves on offering a professional and personal touch to the artists who place their work with us.

We also offer advice to filmmakers who wish to engage in self-distribution. Email us or check out these self-help resources we have compiled.

What does having the Winnipeg Film Group as a film distributor mean?

The WFG is a non-exclusive distributor of all artistic, independent film and video genres. Your film may be submitted to local, national and international film festivals, various broadcasters, galleries, artist-run centres, cinemas, educational institutions and a variety of other presenting organizations. You also ensure that your work gains a permanent catalogue entry in the history of Canadian independent film and video.

We seek out screenings, new opportunities, exposure and artist fees for the filmmakers we represent. We also sell DVDs on our online store to individuals, community groups, schools, universities and public libraries and initiate our own curated programs, packages and a variety of special opportunities for the films in our collection.

We pay filmmakers 70% of all revenues made from their films.

Why should I distribute my film with you?

Researching screening opportunities, filling out online forms and mailing submissions around the world can be time consuming and expensive. We are dedicated to building new audiences for the films we distribute as well as seeking out revenue for you and your film.

We continuously send out and submit our short films to a wide variety of regional, national and international screening venues, and often receive entry fee waivers or discounts on submissions as well as submission requests. We have built a reputation as a well-respected film distributor over the past 30+ years.

We also initiate special projects in-house that provide exposure and artist fees. Your film will benefit from the inclusion in our catalogue and will have a permanent entry in the history of independent Canadian cinema.

What kinds of films & videos do you prefer?

We specialize in the distribution of creative, independent short works. We will accept short works up to 30 minutes but strongly prefer those that are less than 15 minutes, especially animation, experimental and documentary. Please note: Dramatic short films are some of the hardest films to distribute.

We occasionally accept feature documentaries if we feel there could be educational interest. Please note: We do not distribute narrative features and will not view them if submitted. 

I’m interested! How do I submit?

Please complete our online form below to submit your film/video for consideration and send us a password protected link. You can also mail in your DVD. We look forward to viewing your work!

What else do I need to know?

We will review and assess all submitted films that fit our criteria. We accept work that is unique, creative and that we think we can find screenings, exposure and artist fees for. As professional distributors when we preview the work we are considering many things, not only if it is “good”.

All films accepted are placed into either Basic or General Distribution.

The ownership of each work remains with the filmmaker while the WFG acts as an agent on the filmmakers behalf. All is explained in a standard non-exclusive contract for each film, which is signed once a film is selected for distribution.

Filmmakers are expected to provide us with preview and screening copies, film stills, dialogue lists, synopsis, biography and all other necessary information needed for professional film distribution.

Each filmmaker distributing films or videos through the WFG must be a fully paid General Member or, if no other WFG services are needed, a Distribution Only Member.

We will notify all directors within 4-12 weeks of submission if we wish to non-exclusively carry your work in our catalogue.

If you would prefer to mail us a DVD please complete the online submission form and mail DVD to:

Winnipeg Film Group
Attn: Distribution – Call for Works
304 – 100 Arthur Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1H3

Questions? distribution@winnipegfilmgroup.com