The Winnipeg Film Group is pleased to announce that Deco Dawson is the recipient of the 2013 Manitoba Film Hothouse Award, an award that recognizes the local directing talent Manitoba has right here at home.

With the support of the Hothouse Award, Dawson plans on pursuing research and scriptwriting investigating the oral histories of surrealist artist Jean Benoit.

The Manitoba Film Hothouse Award, which is sponsored by the Province of Manitoba, consists of a $10,000 cash award and $5,000 in services from the Winnipeg Film Group, as well as a public screening at the Winnipeg Cinematheque.

In awarding this prize to Deco Dawson, the jury noted his historical record of film production and the critical acclaim he has garnered along the way. His work has consistently shown a unique artistic vision and dedication to his craft. The jury was impressed with his continual striving for excellence and his skill in all realms of filmmaking, including cinematography, set design, directing and editing.

Dawson?s investigation into Jean Benoit builds upon his previous works and promises to produce a work that stands out in its cultural importance and historic longevity.

As part of the Hothouse Award, the Winnipeg Cinematheque will feature a retrospective screening on the work of Deco Dawson on Friday, May 31. This public screening is designed to bring greater community attention to his career as a filmmaker.


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