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  • Jazz Film Fest: Say Amen, Somebody (New 4K Restoration)
    Jazz Film Fest: Say Amen, Somebody (New 4K Restoration)
    Wed & Thu, Oct 28 & 29 / 6:30 pm
    Fri, Oct 30 / 9:15 pm
    Sat, Oct 31 / 1 pm
    One of the most acclaimed music documentaries of all time, Say Amen, Somebody is George Nierenberg’s masterpiece — a joyous, funny, deeply emotional celebration of African American culture, featuring  the father of Gospel, Thomas A. Dorsey ("Precious Lord, Take My Hand"); its matron, Mother Willie Mae Ford Smith. George Nierenberg will be interviewed following the Wednesday, October 28 screening.
  • The Return
    The Return
    Tue, Oct 27 / 9 pm
    Wed, Oct 28 / 9:30 pm
    Thu, Oct 29 / 9 pm
    Fri, Oct 30 / 7 pm
    Sat, Oct 31 / 3:15 pm & 10 pm
    Winnipeg director BJ Verot makes a great feature debut with an eerie film that combines the best elements of the horror house genre. After the death of his father, a brilliant college student returns to his family home where he learns that the horrors from his childhood aren't as dead and gone as he once thought.
  • A Cream of the Crap Halloween: Season of the Retch
    A Cream of the Crap Halloween: Season of the Retch
    Sat, Oct 31 / 7 pm (SOLD OUT)
    After a short hiatus, our special team of cultural archaeologists are back to tear into what may very well go down in history as the new champion of trash cinema! Our...
  • Gimme Some Truth Presents: Totally Under Control
    Gimme Some Truth Presents: Totally Under Control
    Sun, Nov 1 / 1 pm
    Tue - Thu, Nov 3 - 5 / 6:30 pm
    Fri, Nov 6 / 9:20 pm
    Sat, Nov 7 / 4 pm
    Sun, Nov 8 / 2 pm
    Wed & Thu, Nov 11 & 12 / 6:30 pm
    Sat, Nov 14 / 2 pm
    At this moment 200,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. From July 15 to August 31, the death toll was running at an average of 1000/day. How did the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world manage to fail so thoroughly in its response to a global pandemic? Director Alex Gibney and his collaborators Ophelia Harutyunyan and Suzanne Hillinger, expose a system-wide collapse caused by a profound dereliction of Presidential leadership.
  • Memories of Murder (New 4K Restoration)
    Memories of Murder (New 4K Restoration)
    Sun, Nov 1 / 3:45 pm & 6:45 pm
    Tue - Thu, Nov 3 - 5 / 9:15 pm
    Fri, Nov 6 / 6:30 pm
    Sat, Nov 7 / 1 pm & 9:40 pm
    Sun, Nov 8 / 7:35 pm
    Tue, Nov 10 / 6:30 pm
    Now, seventeen years after its initial release, and a year after the real culprit was identified, Parasite Oscar winner Bong Joon Ho's cult classic takes its place as a modern masterpiece. Memories of Murder tells the suspenseful true story of the hunt for a serial rapist and murderer terrorizing a small province in 1980s South Korea.
  • Gimme Some Truth Presents: Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets
    Gimme Some Truth Presents: Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets
    Sat, Nov 7 / 6:45 pm
    Sun, Nov 8 / 4:45 pm
    Tues, Nov 10 / 9:20 pm
    Wed, Nov 11 / 9:15 pm
    Sun, Nov 15 / 6:30 pm
    On the eve of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and on its final night before closing, a Las Vegas dive bar becomes a stage where its employees and barflies commiserate one last time. Filmmaking brothers Bill and Turner Ross train their keenly observed quasi-fiction on the lived-in atmosphere of a haunt, whose massed warmth and love conceal its patron’s worries—at least for a little while. Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets is a carefully constructed yet oddly affecting record of an American sensibility at once straining to survive and ready for the end.
  • Native Son
    Native Son
    Available to rent October 5 - November 2
    One of the most controversial novels of its day, Richard Wright’s Native Son (first published in 1940) exposed the injustices of urban African-American life, witnessed through the eyes of Bigger Thomas, whose violent tendencies and moral confusion were the natural result of a lifetime of deprivation. In prison for murder and sentenced to death, Thomas reflects on the circumstances that led to his fate.
  • send+receive Presents: Hooker-Niblock/Flowers Of The Spirit
    send+receive Presents: Hooker-Niblock/Flowers Of The Spirit
    Available free to view Oct 16 - 31
    Join us for this free online program featuring legendary drummer, poet, and composer William Hooker. The two-part program features...
  • Happy Place
    Happy Place
    Available to rent Oct 20 - Nov 2
    Facebook Live Q&A with the director, writer and cast on Tue, Oct 27 / at 2pm moderated by Shelagh Carter.
    Happy Place explores the time that seven women spend together in an in-patient care facility: all so different, but with one thing in common – they have all attempted suicide. Samira’s (Backo) attempt stems from PTSD after a violent sexual assault several years earlier, and her fellow residents have personal stories that intersect with her own – sophisticated Celine (Perron), ribald Mildred (Walsh), haughty Rosemary (Sinha), good natured Nina (Repo-Martell, reprising the role she originated on stage), and competitive Joyce (McCarthy). Trying to lead them all to healing is psychiatrist Louise (Rosling), holding the centre of this diverse and kinetic group. Some women will leave the safety of the clinic, for better or for worse, and others will stay, hopefully to heal and not to break.
  • Gimme 10 in 30! Doc Challenge
    Cinematheque’s Gimme Some Truth Documentary Festival returns for its 12th edition this winter with a new look 
  • Jazz Film Fest (Oct-Nov 2020)
    In collaboration with Jazz Winnipeg, the Cinematheque presents a series of award winning jazz music docs available in theatre and at home!
  • Architecture + Design Film Festival (Sep 16-20, 2020)
    Now in its ninth year, the Architecture + Design Film Festival (A+DFF) presents critically acclaimed films focusing on the importance of architecture and design in everyday life and covering a range of design-oriented topics from architecture and urban design to graphics and product design.