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  • Citizen Jane: Battle for the City
    Citizen Jane: Battle for the City
    Sat, Jun 24 / 7 pm & 9 pm
    Sun, Jun 25 / 7 pm
    Wed, Jun 28 / 7 pm
    Thur, Jun 29 / 9 pm
    In 1960, Jane Jacobs’s book The Death and Life of Great American Cities sent shockwaves through the architecture and planning worlds, with its exploration of the consequences of modern planners’ and architects’ reconfiguration of cities. Jacobs was also an activist and she was involved in many fights in mid-century New York, while trying to stop “master builder” Robert Moses from running roughshod over the city.
  • Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3D
    Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3D
    Thu & Fri, Jun 29 & 30 / 7 pm
    Back by popular demand in 3D, Director Werner Herzog takes us deep beyond the frontier of an extraordinary place. With specially designed 3D cameras he explores the interior of the Chauvet Cave in Southern France.
  • The Mask 3D
    The Mask 3D
    Fri, Jun 30 / 9 pm
    The first feature-length Canadian horror movie and the first feature-length 3D film made in Canada, Julian Roffman's 1961 cult classic has now been digitally restored in 2K anaglyph 3D by TIFF and the 3-D Film Archive. A psychiatrist comes into possession of an ancient tribal mask that, when worn, assails him with nightmarish visions of monsters, occultists, and ritual torture.
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