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  • McDonald at the Movies: The King of Comedy
    McDonald at the Movies: The King of Comedy
    Thu, Oct 19 / 7 pm
    This devastating satire of fame and celebrity features Sandra Bernhard, Jerry Lewis and Robert De Niro in one of his finest performances as Rupert Pupkin, a nerd like comedian in his 30's who lives with his mother and fantasizes about being famous as a stand up comedian on a late night TV talk show.
  • Bill Frisell: A Portrait
    Bill Frisell: A Portrait
    Sun Oct 8 / 7 pm
    Wed, Oct 11 / 7 pm
    Sun, Oct 15 / 7 pm
    Wed, Oct 18 / 7 pm
    Thu, Oct 19 / 9 pm
    An intimate portrait of anti-archetype guitar hero Bill Frisell,reclusive Grammy-winning guitarist and Seattle native - featuring live music, stories and rare insight into the shaping of one of the most significant musicians in recent decades who has worked with everyone from Brian Eno to Jack De Johnette, Marianne Faithful and Lou Reed. Fellow guitarist John Abercrombie perhaps sums it up best when he says "You hear the history of the guitar when he plays."
  • Endless Poetry (Poesía sin fin)
    Endless Poetry (Poesía sin fin)
    Fri, Oct 20 / 7 pm
    Sat Oct 21 / 9 pm
    Thu, Oct 26 / 9 pm
    Sat, Oct 28 / 9 pm
    Sun, Oct 29 / 7 pm
    The director of the cult classics El Top and The Holy Mountain, Alejandro Jodorowsky has created a Felliniesque new film Endless Poetry. Dazzlingly shot on location by cinematographer extraordinaire Christopher Doyle (Wong Kar Wai’s In the Mood for Love), this colour-splashed sequel to his previous film Dance of Reality draws a heartfelt if comically absurd portrait of a young man growing into his identity.