• 10th Annual Gimme Some Truth Documentary Festival

    October 31 – November 4, 2018

  • Screening the very best in
    Canadian and World Cinema

  • Twilight Room of the Soul: Persona
    Twilight Room of the Soul: Persona
    Sat, Oct 20 / 3 pm
    Sun, Oct 21 / 5 pm
    Film professor and writer George Toles will introduce (on Saturday) a new digital version of Bergman's masterwork Persona. Liv Ullmann plays a stage actor who has inexplicably gone mute; an equally mesmerizing Bibi Andersson is the garrulous young nurse caring for her in a remote island cottage. Acted with astonishing nuance and shot in stark contrast and soft light by Sven Nykvist, the influential Persona is a penetrating, dreamlike work of profound psychological depth.
  • The Vivian Maier Mystery
    The Vivian Maier Mystery
    Wed, Oct 24 / 7 pm
    Fri – Sun, Oct 26 – 28 / 7 pm
    Not to be confused with John Maloof’s documentary Finding Vivian Maier released in 2014, The Vivian Maier Mystery was made for the BBC, and released in 2013. This film is packed with her extraordinary work shot on the street in Chicago in the 1950's and early 60's and features interviews with Pamela Bannos, a photographer and senior lecturer at Northwestern and Jeffrey Goldstein, who owns the second largest collection of her work next to John Maloof.
  • Black Space: Black Panther
    Black Space: Black Panther
    Thu, Oct 25 / 7 pm
    Black Space Winnipeg and Cinematheque invite you to enjoy one of the year’s most successful films, Black Panther. Come and relive...