Two short films featured in our Distribution Catalogue have been nominated for awards at the Canadian Cinema Editors 2013 Awards by Deluxe.

Fraction by Alain Delannoy and Distraction of a Stationary Nature by Shyra De Souza have both been nominated for the Best Editing in Animation Award.

The 3rd annual award ceremony will be hosted at the Capitol Event Theatre in Toronto on June 6th, 2013 and is put on by the Canadian Cinema Editors or CCE.

The CCE is a non-profit organization with the goal of bettering the art and science of picture editing in all media. Their aim is to spark passion in us all and bring recognition to those who create the last draft of the script by weaving a mosaic of picture and sound in the cutting rooms across Canada.

Fraction is a 9 minute hand drawn animated short film written, directed and animated by Alain Delannoy. Without spoken language, the film follows the story of an elderly artist who, caught in a battle of time, struggles to complete his body of work.

Distraction of a Stationary Nature is a 10 minute fun and imaginative stop-motion animation that examines the allure and consequences of stationery supplies.


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