Cinematheque is hosting a 48 Hour Film Contest Meet-N-Greet on Monday, May 30th at 7pm (doors open at 6:30pm). This will be the one event where we provide the rules, tips, extra resources and answer all questions associated with the contest taking place Friday, June 24th to Saturday, June 26th. We strongly encourage all teams or at least one representative from each team to attend.

For all filmmakers, actors (union and non union) and supporters who are interested in participating and not currently part of any team, fear not!!! This is an event where you can barter your way onto a team as cast and crew. In other words, come to the event, there will be teams seeking for extra people with skills, expertise and general support.



For the second year in a row the Winnipeg Film Group, Multimedia Risk, ACTRA and the City of Winnipeg combined to offer access, resources and support (that usually cost hundreds of dollars) for FREE!!!

  1. If you wish to shoot on city streets that weekend there’s insurance and permits  involved – we are waiving that fee and providing an opportunity for you to get insured and the public location(s) of your choice with no hassle.
  2. If you are looking for ACTRA actors there is insurance involved – we are waiving that fee and you will be able to submit your films to other events and screenings beyond this competition with no hassle.



  1. Marie-Louise Deleau, Assistant Vice President Multimedia Risk.
  2. Monique Perro, City of Winnipeg Film Liaison – Film and Special Events.
  3. Rob Macklin  Branch Representative, ACTRA Manitoba.
  4. Winnipeg Film Group, Production Centre Staff.
  5. There will be a range of supporters, crew and actors (union and non-union). For those of you who seek cast or crew, this is your opportunity to engage and invite people at this event to be part of your team.

For more details contact ben@winnipegfilmgroup.com or call 204-925-3456.