Just upstairs from from our Cinematheque, this black box production studio is available for rental for film production and production-related activites (auditions, rehearsals, meetings, etc.).

Our studio also has a 23ft 10in x 11ft 4in blue screen for filming special effects. Production equipment is also available for rent.

We also make this space available for rent for screenings, artist talks and presentations. 

  • 23ft  10in  wide  x  40ft  long  x  11ft  4in  high

  • Accommodates up to 80 people

  • Presentation equipment is available and can be rented in conjunction with the studio. Equipment includes 8 mm, 16 mm and video projectors, a wall-size truss-base screen that supports both front and rear projection, a wide-screen television, and multiple decks

  • Individuals and organizations wishing to rent our studio facility must be GENERAL MEMBERS with a PRODUCTION ADD ON to our organization (refer to our membership page for more information), or organizational members of Artspace

  • Due to the intended primary purpose of this space, including its priority use for our in-house programs, we can more easily accommodate presentations, artist talks and other public events that run one night or up to a few days. Longer public presentation booking requests should be presented ideally at least a year in advance. 

  • The facility must be left as it was found - any props, sets, costumes, or garbage must be removed when you are finished your booking or you will be charged a clean up fee; if the venue is found to be unuseable following your rental, your membership priviledges may additionally be suspended 

As per our rentals policy, the use of WFG equipment or facilites is a form of assistance that our organization provides filmmakers / video artists and other non-profit organizations, and as such the Winnipeg Film Group must be acknowledged related to any programs or productions making use of our studio facility. Our logo is available for download for this purpose.

Individual Members  $8* $50 $250 $750 $50
Artspace Members  N/A $60 $300 $900 $75
Organizational Members  N/A $75 $375 $1125 $100
Commercial  N/A  N/A   

* Please note there is a minimum 3 hour rental fee in place for the studio for individual members and a minimum daily rental fee in place for organizational and commercial renters.

** The total Clean Up Fee will be calculated as the actual expenses associated with clean up, plus the listed minimum Clean Up Fee.