Winnipeg Film Group
304 - 100 Arthur Street
Winnipeg MB R3B 1H3

Tel: (204) 925-3456
Fax: (204) 942-6799

Our office is open to the general public Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Please note that not all our staff work full time hours and, for this reason, it is best to contact them individually regarding their availability.


Cecilia Araneda | Executive Director | (204) 925-3456 ext 102

Cecilia is responsible for artistic, organizational and business management and development for the organization, including our Cinematheque, Distribution Centre and Production Centre.

Jaimz Asmundson | Cinematheque | Programming Director | (204) 925-3456 ext 114

Jaimz is responsible for the artistic and business development of the Cinematheque, as well as managing its staff. Additionally, Jaimz oversees the expansion and development of special programming streams for the Cinematheque and is the Producer for the Gimme Some Truth Documentary Forum.

Dave Barber | Cinematheque | Programming Coordinator | (204) 925-3456 ext 108

Dave books and coordinates our in-house Cinematheque programming. Please contact Dave if you have suggestions or ideas for future programming, keeping in mind that our programming planning is undertaken approximately a year in advance. If you would like to rent the Cinematheque venue, please contact Kristy Muckosky, Cinematheque Operations Manager.

Devon Kerslake | Distribution Centre | Distribution Coordinator | (204) 925-3456 ext 105

Devon handles all screening submissions for the films in our collection. Canadian filmmakers and video artists who wish to have their works distributed through the Winnipeg Film Group should contact Devon directly.

Kevin Lee Burton | Executive Assistant | (204) 925-3456 ext 110

Kevin provides support to the Executive Director in her areas of responsibility.

Cameron Courchene | Cinematheque | Head Projectionist | (204) 925-3456 ext 112

TBA | Production Centre | Production Centre Director | (204) 925-3456 ext TBA 

The Production Centre Director manages all areas of our production centre, including production, workshops, member events, community programs, equipment and facilities.  

Marcel Kreutzer | Production Centre | Technical Coordinator | (204) 925-3456 ext 101

Marcel is responsible for equipment and facility care within our Production Centre. Marcel maintains The Black Lodge ( as well as all the Production Centre's equipment and technical facilities. He also provides general support to other areas of the Production Centre. 

Monica Lowe | Distribution Centre | Distribution Director | (204) 925-3456 ext 103

Our distribution wing carries the work of Canadian filmmakers and video artists, with a special focus on Manitoba and the prairie region. Presenters, broadcasters, programmers and curators are invited to contact Monica regarding the works we represent. Monica handles all film sales, special projects and initiatives for the films in our collection as well as the Marketing Fund.

Kristy Muckosky | Cinematheque | Operations Manager | (204) 925-3456 ext 106

Kristy manages the quality of the Cinematheque experience, including the daily operation, projection, venue rentals, sponsorships and ad sales. Contact Kristy to provide feedback on your Cinematheque experience, as well as related to venue rentals, sponsorships and ad sales. Non-profit or community organizations that wish to access our Cinematheque at a reduced cost versus our posted rental rates (as a Winnipeg Film Group sponsorship) should query with Kristy.

Sharon Thiessen-Woods | Bookkeeper | (204) 925-3456 ext 107

Contact our Bookkeeper for general Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable inquiries.

Cinematheque | House Staff
Mark Borowski, Amy Gilbert, Darren Young