Policy Overview

The Winnipeg Film Group makes its equipment available for rental as a service, and serving the needs of artistic creators in independent film and video is our first priority. Our organization will additionally support the equipment needs of other non-profit organizations for projects and activities with a demonstrated benefit to artists working in independent film or video.

Winnipeg Film Group members working on independent (non market-driven) film and video projects have priority access to all our equipment and facilities, over all other types of projects. An independent film or video project is defined as one that is created for an artistically-driven reason, as opposed to being created in response to market-driven demands. Additionally, for an independent work the director / artistic creator retains full creative and editorial control and is additionally the sole or major rights holder of the work.

The Winnipeg Film Group strongly supports filmmakers receiving royalites and artist fee payments for their works, however the difference between independent and non-independent - by our definition - is that for independent works, creativity and innovation drives the form and the creation process, not perceived marketability.

The Winnipeg Film Group cannot assume responsibility or liability or make any representation for the performance of its equipment. The borrower / renter discharges the Winnipeg Film Group from all damages whatsoever resulting from performance or malfunctioning of said equipment, whether or not there is a fault or negligence on the part of the Winnipeg Film Group.

The borrower / renter assumes full responsibility for all rental equipment. While the Winnipeg Film Group carries limited insurance coverage for equipment borrowed by its members, in the case of large production packages individual insurance is highly recommended.

Commercial renters are not covered by the Winnipeg Film Group's insurance. Proof of insurance must be provided at the time of making any rental booking.

The Winnipeg Film Group carries no third party property liability insurance or third party injury liability for its members. We do offer a member insurance package which full user members can buy into for independent productions; in all cases, it is very important for filmmakers to be aware of the restrictions and limitations of any insurance package they obtain.

Membership Requirements and Competency

  1. All production equipment and facilities are available to any GENERAL MEMBERS who have purchased the PRODUCTION ADD ON, members whose accounts are up to date and whose credit has not been suspended according to our financial policies - provided they meet all competency requirements as outlined further below.

  2. Non-sych film and some video cameras, tungsten fixtures, grip gear and all production and editing spaces are available to any Members with a PRODUCTION ADD ON, whose accounts are up to date and whose credit has not been suspended according to our financial policies - provided they meet all competency requirements as outlined further below.

  3. To access equipment, the person that will be operating any specific piece of equipment must prove competency on that equipment to the satisfaction of the designated Winnipeg Film Group staff. Our Production staff may be available for individual instruction if a workshop is not available, or is not suitable.

  4. All bookings are strictly on a first come, first served basis, and must be made through authorized Winnipeg Film Group staff. Arrangements should be made to pick up and drop off gear at mutually convenient times for staff and the member, during office hours.

Commercial Projects

  1. The intended use of the equipment or facility must be provided at the time of the booking. Our gear is subsidized for the purpose of supporting artistic endeavours and therefore is not to be used on commercial projects. However, in cases where similar gear is not available for rent commercially within Winnipeg, producers of commercial projects may rent our gear at our stipulated commercial rates. As our insurance does not cover commercial projects, producers must provide proof of insurance for the full replacement value of the gear to be rented. Fees for commercial rentals are to be paid upon request and we reserve the right to request a deposit of a portion or the entire projected rental costs at the time of booking.


  1. Cancellations are to be made as easy as possible. To avoid a cancellation fee, cancellations must be made at least five days in advance. The cancellation fee will be the full cost of the booking or $15 per booked day, whichever is less. This will be a cash charge, waived only in the event of circumstances unforeseen by, or beyond the control of, the filmmaker and at the discretion of authorized staff. No further rental bookings will be accepted until the cancellation fees are paid.


  1. It is the responsibility of the borrowing member to ensure that all equipment is in good working order before removing it from the Winnipeg Film Group's premises. That member is fully responsible for returning the equipment in that same good working order. This responsibility precludes normal wear and tear. During business hours, authorized staff will be available to check gear with members. After hours, equipment is checked in or out at the member's own risk.

  2. Members borrowing equipment will be fully responsible for loss, theft or damage: (a) This responsibility will include, but not be limited to, any deductibles plus 10% of the replacement cost of the equipment, to a maximum of $1,000.00. This levy is intended to cover any increase in the cost of the Winnipeg Film Group's insurance coverage as a result of said theft, loss or damage. Members renting large production packages are encouraged to invest in individual insurance coverage; (b) If equipment can be repaired at the Winnipeg Film Group, then the member will pay the full amount of the repair plus applicable staff cost. 

  3. In the event that any borrowed equipment should become unsafe or fail to operate, the member shall discontinue its use immediately and inform Winnipeg Film Group staff immediately upon its return. The member will not be charged for non-functional equipment. The Winnipeg Film Group will not be held liable for any losses incurred by the member as a result of non-functional equipment.


  1. No repairs or modifications of any kind may be performed on any Winnipeg Film Group equipment without the prior knowledge and consent of authorized Winnipeg Film Group staff.

  2. Equipment may not be removed from the Province of Manitoba for any period of time without the prior written approval of authorized Winnipeg Film Group staff.

  3. Winnipeg Film Group equipment shall not be loaned or subleased to any person, production or organization, and the equipment shall remain under the immediate control, supervision and care of the borrower / renter.

Accounts & Payments

  1. Invoices for maintenance levies and space rentals will be issued at the time of rental and must be paid within 30 days. Any member whose account is outstanding for more than 90 days will lose equipment privileges until the account is settled or payment arrangements are made to the approval of authorized Winnipeg Film Group staff.

  2. No ongoing debt may exceed $300.00 without the prior written approval of authorized Winnipeg Film Group staff or the organization's Board of Directors. Members with debits exceeding $300 are not allowed to rent out equipment or use facilities unless written permission has been issued by the organization.

  3. Members whose accounts incur collection expenses or attorney fees will have those expenses and fees billed to their accounts.

Acknowledgement of Assistance

  1. The use of WFG equipment or facilites is a form of assistance that our organization provides the filmmaker or video artist, and as such the Winnipeg Film Group must be acknowledged in the credits of any film or video production receiving such assistance.

Any inquiries, requests, complaints or suggestions pertaining to the equipment access policy are welcome.