2013 Registration Deadline: REGISTRATION IS FULL

The event is as easy as pie:

Shoot a 3 min, 20 sec Super-8 film in one take and you're done! No movie will ever be easier to make!


2013 marks the 8th year we have partnered with the WNDX festival in bringing the One Take Super-8 Event to Winnipeg. In just a few short years, this event has become one of the most important incubators for new works in Manitoba. Films completed for prior editions of the Winnipeg event have gone on to be selected for screening at The Images Festival, Antimatter, the $100 Film Festival, the Festival de Cinemas Differents in Paris, among many more.

The premise is simple. Participants sign up on a first come, first served basis and do not need to have any previous filmmaking experience. The $15 participation fee is used to cover the material costs associated with participation: film stock, processing, shipping and digital transfer. Films are then shot in one take (no cuts, no splices – the only type of editing that is allowed is in-camera work) and filmmakers view their works for the first time at the event final screening, alongside the audience.


  • FRI AUG 9 by 4pm - Registration Deadline Download registration now (your spot is reserved only after you have paid) REGISTRATION IS FULL

  • FRI AUG 16 - Confirmed participants can pick up their film cartridges starting this date.

  • FRI AUG 16 to THUR SEPT 5 - SHOOT YOUR FILM between these dates. Most participants shoot during a half-day time span. Some take longer, some shorter. There's no wrong way to do this.

  • FRI SEPT 6 by 4pm - Submit your exposed film back to the Winnipeg Film Group by this deadline. All participant cartridges will be shipped together as a package to the lab and will be spliced together for screening prior to coming back to Winnipeg – and it is for this reason that no late inclusions can be permitted.

    You must inform us of the title of your film and confirm director(s) names at this time.

    There will be no opportunity to physically edit or preview your film, prior to the event screening. What you shoot is what will be screened.

  • MON SEPT 23 by 4pm - You can submit a soundtrack on CD by this date, to screen with your film. Most participants do submit a soundtrack of some sort, be it with music or audio art. This is an optional step, however.

  • All completed films will be screened as part of WNDX: Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Winnipeg Film Group is proud to be a partner with the WNDX festival in bringing this event to Winnipeg.