Our independent production insurance is a basic film shoot insurance plan through Multimedia Risk that is available to our General Members who have purchased the Production Add On,  who are in good standing and who are working on independent film projects, are residents of Manitoba, working on independent film or video projects.

* For the purposes of the Winnipeg Film Group, independent works are one where the director retains full creative and editorial control.

While a degree of coverage for the Winnipeg Film Group's in-house equipment is provided automatically to our members, filmmakers may require shoot insurance if they are shooting on location, on City property (as this is a potential liability matter), if they are using equipment from one of the commercial rental houses, or working on an extended shoot.

This insurance is available at a significant discount for independent projects, versus obtaining insurance independently:

  • Rates for independent films and videos start at $200 per project, plus applicable taxes, depending on the nature of the project and the level of insurance required.

  • Rates for non-commercial music videos start at $250 per project, plus applicable taxes, depending on the nature of the project and the level of insurance required.


This independent production plan is available for the use of General Members who have purchased the Production Add On, working on independent, director-driven, non-commercial works. Eligibility for this plan is subject to a case-by-case assessment of projects by staff, and the Winnipeg Film Group reserves the right to refuse access to productions that do not meet the plan criteria.

As the processing time for this insurance depends greatly on the submission of a fully completed application package, as well as time for in-house assessment of eligibility, you should commence your insurance application process as early as possible, and no earlier than two weeks prior to your anticipated shoot date. 

The application forms are not available online. In order to commence the application process, you must first book an appointment with applicable staff (contact information is provided further below).

COVERAGE (subject to change without notice): 



Tenants Fire Legal Liability 

$ 500,000

Comprehensive General Liability 

$ 2,000,000

Cameras, sound, lighting, recording, electrical, mechanical,effects, grip, editing, and projection equipment

$ 750,000

Buildings rented or leased for shoot   

$ 100,000

To learn more about this insurance plan and the application process, please contact:

Marcel Kreutzer
Technical Coordinator
(204) 925-3456 x 110