Ryan McKenna Chinatown


Type: Drama

Date: January 2009

Length: 9 minutes, 30 seconds

Process: Colour

Languages: English

Shooting format: 16 mm

Sound format: Dialogue, Music


A multi-layered epic set in the heart of Winnipeg’s historic Chinatown. It is the story of a half-baked opium addict, fighting to preserve Chinatown in the face of “progress.” Photographed on old 16mm color film stocks, combined with found footage, and using a collage technique, Chinatown is a poppy-perfumed protest against the faceless/sameness identity smaller cities get bullied into accepting, often at the expense of real history and identity.


Screening Formats

Screen Format Aspect Ratio Sound Format Subtitles


Date Event
January 1, 2010 Festival Les Inattendus 2010


Chinatown, cultural identity, culture, Winnipeg

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