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  • ...And This is My Garden

    Katharina Stieffenhofer / 58:00 / Documentary / HD / 2010

    ...And This is My Garden explores a sustainable school gardening program that is breaking new ground in education and literally growing a healthier community in the process.

  • Moving

    Leslie Supnet / 0:53 / Animation / DV / 2007

    Moving is Leslie Supnet's first animation made for the Winnipeg Film Group's 48 Hour Film Contest where it took home 1st prize...

  • Four Corners

    Ian Toews / 6:00 / Experimental / 16 mm / 1999

    This structural film evokes the terror and confusion that Toews experienced while in the invisibly radioactive landscapes of the South Western United States - home to the Navajo Nation...

  • Winter Roads

    Wayne James / 50:00 / Documentary / 1994

    When muskeg is frozen and there are 24 inches of clear ice on the rivers, the winter roads that service communities along Lake Winnipeg open...

  • Presque Vu

    Cecilia Araneda / 4:15 / Experimental / 16 mm, HD / 2013

    Lush hand-crafted film footage and HD images combine to reveal a mysterious past through remnants of a memory that is almost remembered, but which never fully develops.

  • Deep Bay

    Bryan Besant / 3:50 / Experimental / 2010

  • Souvenirs: Waiting for the Parade

    Paula Kelly / 7:18 / Documentary / 16 mm, DV, Found Footage, Super 8mm / 2008

    Waiting for the Parade transforms the 75th anniversary celebration of Winnipeg in 1948 into a discourse on the city's shifting identities through decades of progress and regress, cynicism and hope.

  • January

    Bryan Besant / 5:50 / Experimental / Super 8mm / 2008

    january seeks to capture the essence of winter via an experimental/intuitive perspective.

  • Grounds for a Movement: A Look at Fair Trade Coffee

    Kevin Nikkel / 24:00 / Documentary / DV / 2004

    Fair trade is gaining recognition as a legitimate response to globalization. Fair trade coffee puts more money in the hands of farmers by eliminating the middle-men on the chain of coffee trading...

  • Fever of the Western Nile, The

    Deco Dawson / 8:00 / Experimental / 16 mm / 2003

    Summer passings observed the enigmatic West Nile malady stel its way into the minds and forests of Winnipeg wanderers, casting its feverish amnesia spell; immobilizing wooded creatures collectively...

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