If you are an independent filmmaker from Canada seeking distribution assistance for your short film and video works here's what the Winnipeg Film Group can offer you:

  • Regional, national and international distribution through film festivals, artist-run centres, broadcasters, educational institutions, and more
  • The opportunity to be included in specialized curated programs for touring
  • Marketing support for film and video makers through our unique Marketing Fund 
  • The opportunity to sell your packaged DVD on our secure online store 
  • The opportunity to have your film screen at our Cinematheque 
  • 70% of royalties earned through the sale or rental of your film 
  • Guidance for self-distribution
  • A permanent catalogue entry in the history of Canadian independent film and video 

To submit a film to the Winnipeg Film Group Distribution Department please use our online Submission Form

Please note that we only distribute Canadian independent works, with a focus on short works. We also distribute feature length documentaries.

It will take approximately 4-6 weeks for us to watch your film and assess its distribution potential and will respond if we are interested in distributing your film.

Other Notes About Distribution 

  • A staff committee will view and assess each submission and if we deem it suitable for distribution by us it will be placed into of one three tiers which represents the distribution potential we foresee it to have: 1) General, 2) Active, or 3) Intensive. 
  • Once your film is in distribution with us the ownership of each work remains with the filmmaker while the WFG acts as an agent on your behalf. All is explained in a standard non-exclusive contract for each film, which is signed once a film is placed in distribution. 
  • The filmmakers will then be expected to provide us with preview copies, screening copies, film stills, dialogue lists, and all other necessary information needed for professional film distribution.  
  • Each filmmaker distributing films or videos through the WFG must be a fully paid General Member or, if no other WFG services are needed, a Distribution Only Member.  
  • The WFG is a member of the Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA) which has set a minimum payment rate for film rentals. We also consult the CARFAC rate card. While the WFG encourages all film festivals to pay artist fees this is not always the case. As many film festivals are career building venues and can offer a substantial amount of exposure to filmmakers, we do not limit our screening submissions and opportunities only to those venues that do pay although continually encourage all festivals to do so.   

For more information on distributing your film with the Winnipeg Film Group please contact Devon Kerslake, Distribution Coordinator - distribution@winnipegfilmgroup.com | (204) 925-3456 ext. 105